Scania S730 Krommenhoek Skin

version:1.32.xx Put ZIP to ETS2 /MOD to activate
Designed according to krommenhoek S730
Must MOD:
ReMoled Next Gen Scania v 1.4 or v 1.5
Abasstreppas Wheelpack v3.0 wheel
Designed for 6X2 high ceiling Compatible with 4X2 6X4
Others look like they like to match!
You can share it freely but not for deceiving people! I hope you like it. Thank you.



10 thoughts on “Scania S730 Krommenhoek Skin

  1. Passwort?

    1. ysy770724977

      Activate the ZIP directly to the MOD without a password

  2. tunning6000

    amazing job,thanks

  3. Amazing, I really wanted this skin in the game! 😀

    Little question, how do I get the company cabin sign above the windshield? I have the 50-keda mod and the kelsa bar mod. But on the sign is 50 keda written.

    And I have no painted roofbar (in black) in the kelsa mod, with this skin. Any idea how I can fix that, or if that can be fixed?

    kind regards

    1. ysy770724977

      Please set the skin priority to the highest. Other parts of the skin will work properly

  4. The best skin!!! Can you give the yellow color number (RGB or CMYK) ? I’m now making a trailer for this painting…

    1. ysy770724977

      RGB: 255 191 32
      CMYK: 3 33 86 0

      1. Thanks!! 🙂

      2. One more question. I set the skin priority to the highest, but I don`t have painted roofbar. 🙁

  5. Is it possible to get a file without a password to make corrections, or would you introduce changes yourself?

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