Scania S730 Krommenhoek Skin

version:1.32.xx Put ZIP to ETS2 /MOD to activate
Designed according to krommenhoek S730
Must MOD:
ReMoled Next Gen Scania v 1.4 or v 1.5
Abasstreppas Wheelpack v3.0 wheel
Designed for 6X2 high ceiling Compatible with 4X2 6X4
Others look like they like to match!
You can share it freely but not for deceiving people! I hope you like it. Thank you.



9 Responses to Scania S730 Krommenhoek Skin

  1. Chrissi says:


    • ysy770724977 says:

      Activate the ZIP directly to the MOD without a password

  2. tunning6000 says:

    amazing job,thanks

  3. David says:

    Amazing, I really wanted this skin in the game! 😀

    Little question, how do I get the company cabin sign above the windshield? I have the 50-keda mod and the kelsa bar mod. But on the sign is 50 keda written.

    And I have no painted roofbar (in black) in the kelsa mod, with this skin. Any idea how I can fix that, or if that can be fixed?

    kind regards

    • ysy770724977 says:

      Please set the skin priority to the highest. Other parts of the skin will work properly

  4. Graphic says:

    The best skin!!! Can you give the yellow color number (RGB or CMYK) ? I’m now making a trailer for this painting…

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