Scania S&R Low Chassis *1.32-1.33*

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This mod adds low chassis to the new generation scania S&R
▶ Do not need to buy a new truck.
compatible versions: ETS2 1.32 / 1.33 beta
Thank you all for your downloads



4 Responses to Scania S&R Low Chassis *1.32-1.33*

  1. JGaming HD says:

    Hd video 1.33….

  2. le jeff says:

    bonjour super mods un grand merci une petite question vous serait il possible de faire le meme pour tout les chassie du scania de RJL ?? encor merci

  3. Frostbite3 says:

    can’t you do it for all the trucks?

  4. Richard Bakker says:

    Not working whit the alang7 mod 🙁

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