Scania Streamline Metallic Czech Skin

metallic-czech-01 metallic-czech-03 metallic-czech-02

Czech Metallic Skin for Scania Streamline
-You can make your own color of truck.
-You can adjust where do you want to have stripe (full stripe,no
bumper, part of roof, no stripe).
-Tested without DLC Might Griffin Tuning pack ! ! ! any accessories
from this DLC maybe don’t work good with skin !
-Tested version 1.26



4 thoughts on “Scania Streamline Metallic Czech Skin

  1. prosím na new volvo udělat 😉 děkuji

    1. Volvo jsem již odeslal, jestli vše bude v pořádku do 12 hodin tu bude uploadnutý.

  2. Karel Havlíček


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