Scania T Mod V1.6


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Content list:
-Normal, Highline, Topline, EXC Topline and EXC Longline cabins.
-4×2, 6×2, 6×2/4, 6×2*4, 6×4, 8×2/*6, 8×4/4, 8×4*4, 10×4/6, 10×4*6 and 10×6/4 chassis for all cabins.
-Scania T interior.
-Euro 3, Euro 4, Euro 5 and Euro 6 engines with T-badges.
-Plastic and paintable chassis.
-Lot of custom and tuning parts.
-And something more…

Changelog V1.5.3 -> V1.6:
-Fixed liftable axles
-Fixed some other small bugs
-Reworked interiors: Stronger normal mapping effect, more realistic “colors”, improved lighting, V8 interiors are now available for Normal cabin
-Reworked mirrors
-Reworked headlights
-Improved front grilles
-Added paintable SCANIA-text
-Added paintable doorsteps
-Added fully paintable chassis
-Added more spoilers for all cabins
-Added smaller engines (230-360 hp)
-Stock and Streamline sunshields are now skinnable
-Many other small changes which I don’t remember

The mod is tested in 1.18 without any other mods and it worked perfectly, game.log.txt was error free! Doesn’t work on older game versions.

Truck: RJL (Fordsonmies), GT-Mike
Skins: Killerhangar, Alang7, LoaderSaints
Others: 50keda (some parts from R2008), SCS Software (original models)



20 Responses to Scania T Mod V1.6

  1. EneaMaconi says:

    Wow! But I need a video… :-/

  2. fred says:

    scania_T_ Accessoty bug chassis

  3. fred says:

    scania_T_Accessory V3 bug chassis

  4. maestro says:

    Thanks. The Scania T is one of my favorite rides.
    Gonna try it now.

  5. matpol98 says:

    Still wondering if its possible to put in the classic interior, the one who was used in the early 2000, then the interior from the first ets. Also used in 2008, cause you do got the grill options ready, so then the interior could change depending on what grill you have chosen.

  6. joel says:

    it keeps on crashing when ever i have any other mods active the only time it works is when that is the only mod active plz can someone help thanks.

  7. Verdi says:

    Best truck mod ever made, for sure 🙂

  8. Nathan says:

    Amazing mod as always. Love this truck!

  9. ganon says:

    It keeps crashing my game when i pick other chassis i can only pick 6×2, why? Pleaaase fix i love this truck so much

  10. mark spark says:

    4×2 chassis has no rear axle, 5th wheel etc. rendered. Truck still works fine. in v1.6. This bug not seen in 1.5.3. Otherwise fantastic mod!

  11. masio6868 says:

    Epic mod! 🙂

  12. Tegca says:

    Whenever I go to my Scania dealer to purchase the truck, the game crashes and I have to restart my computer!
    Fix Please!

  13. kleyson says:

    sera que é possivel por o interior da scania r2008 o mod é ótimo mas sinto falta do interior… 😉

  14. MarkIsOneHungaryETS2Player says:

    Hy! I very love this truck and other mods but i select any 10xxx chassis the game is crashing :/

  15. Scanaiko says:

    Please, Do this Truck in version 1.19.X 🙁

  16. Patrik says:

    Why game crashes at all mods higher than 50mb?Help!

  17. kevan says:

    it always crash my system

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