Scania TAG Powered BigMove


Cabins compatible only Higline, this version is included for the spoiler scania cabin Higline i Normal, also it has the front grill convoi exceptionnel
Compatible only 1.25.x



7 thoughts on “Scania TAG Powered BigMove

  1. Iwona Blecharczyk Trucking Girl ^_^ <3

  2. That trailer. PLZ give link

  3. why not for RJL?

    1. Not for the RJL But soon I’ll upload

      1. Okey Nice, was so hyped about the tag skin + signs and i downloaded it and it was not for rjl but nice that you will do it for rjl, i hope the signs will come to rjl also 🙂 Btw coming from the TEAM ETS2 NORDEN/ ATS Heavy Haulers

  4. It’s not working for me

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