Scania Touring Bus – Skin C.T.M For ETS2 1.33.X

Extract winrar then put the scs file in ↓

My Documents → Euro Truck Simulator 2 → mod folder

Tested 1.33

Mod Bus Scania Touring

Mod Bus Scania Touring Fix 1.32 1.33

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More Images :[email protected]/

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6 thoughts on “Scania Touring Bus – Skin C.T.M For ETS2 1.33.X

  1. ibrahim semlali

    Tbarka llah 3lik

    1. MohSkinner

      Merci Khouya

  2. 5oya ma5adamach lia f mli kanbghi ngadha

    1. MohSkinner

      Telecharger New Fix – Dir Fix jdid deal 1.33

    2. Kifach ndir hta ntelecharger

  3. Wald mimto

    Tbarklah 3lik ota7iya kbira lik akhoya wlah kanftakhr bik akhoya wlah.. bnisba akhoya lskin dial version 1.34 ghat7thom b7al dial ctm..

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