Scania V8 Open Pipe Next Stage Final by adi2003de

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This is my final Version of my Next Stage V8 Soundmods. And it is the last V8 Soundmod from adi2003de!<

I only update it to Patch 1.33

Original Downloadlink:

Original Presentation: ONLY ON ETS2.LT !!!
If you see the presentation on a other Url. Respect the work and don´t Download it!

so i have a new Project …

Visit us:
support us:

This V8 Sound runs ( Patch 1.33.x and later ) on:
SCS Standard R and Streamline / All new R & S
Scania T and T4
4 Series and RS from RJL
S730 from HomerS

adi2003de, kriechbaum and many more


19 thoughts on “Scania V8 Open Pipe Next Stage Final by adi2003de

  1. ysy770724977

    Well done! Loyal teammate

  2. neranjana

    HD Video Test 1.33

    1. XMcEngelX

      Wenn sich der Motor wie das heiserefauchen eine Raubtieres anhören würde , und nicht wie ein riesiges Loch im Auspuff , dann werde ich mir den Sound gerne runterladen . Aber nicht mit diesem elendigen geklapper . das ist nervig hoch 10

      1. adi2003de

        und nicht wie wenn er ein loch im Auspuff hätte …
        Philosophier doch mal über den Begriff OPEN PIPE! …

        Und dann musst du ihn ja nicht nutzen .. aber das blöde geklapper ist nun mal ein V8 .. Ihr solltet eure Aussagen schon an das anpassen, was oben in der Überschrift steht … ^.^ Sonst machen sie keinen Sinn 🙂

        Aber Danke für dein nett gemeintes Review 🙂

      2. adi2003de

        Hin zu kommt .. heiseres fauchen … dazu musste nach 6 zylindern suchen .. Nicht nach 8Zylinder …

        Schon doof wenn man sich nicht auskennt mit Motoren .. ich weiß .. Aber is halt doof ..

        1. Ich finde den Sound echt super und nutze ihn sehr sehr gern. Für mich der beste OPEN PIPE Sound. Danke für deine Arbeit 🙂

          1. adi2003de

            Danke für dein Kommentar 🙂

  3. Hey mate, thanks for this awesome mod.
    But why it didn’t work for me, i tested on my scania s and my ets2 v 1.33. Any advice?

  4. Thanks for awesome mod.
    But it doesn’t work for me, my game version 1.33.
    Any idea?

  5. adi2003de

    Proof your own Game and your own Mods ..

    What nerananja do that it work … and what i do that it works …

    So the next .. i hate Puzzles. and the simulation ETS2 is not a arcade Game .. iT is a Simulation… There is nothing to guess … in the gamelog is standing what you have to know! …

  6. Hallo Adi,
    Hast ja mal wieder einen V8 Open Pipe hergestellt.
    Hört sich gut an .
    Schönen Tag noch Gruss Hartmut

    1. adi2003de

      Mal wieder? Du solltest vielleicht mal suchen lernen auf seiten wie das funktioniert…
      Weil der ist nun schon 4 monate alt ist und mein letzter Soundmod ist und bleiben wird.
      Ich habe diesen lediglich auf patch 1.33 angepasst …

  7. For all that thinks that Adi isnt making a almost perfect sound should learn a little bit or get a real Scania V8 and listen….
    The mod community is so over flooded with bad sound mods!!!!

    here is a example
    listen just the first 22 sec and u will notice that adi´s mod is exactly and sound right and feels right

    1. adi2003de

      Thanks for your comment. Personally, I prefer this video because even the truck is the same. Namely a new Scania S …

      Because the community thinks they know that changing the cab would have changed the engine as well. Both in terms of performance and displacement, as well as in terms of the way the engine works. They think a V8 with 16.4 litres sounds different in the Scania S than in an old Scania R … They think it would be a completely different engine.

      But I don’t know how they would come up with that idea. But this ###### half-knowledge makes it so hard to do decent things.

      For over 50 years at least a V8 sounds like a V8 … Small special features always come only from the exhaust system. And you can change them at any time!

      BUT a V8 will always sound like a V8. As long as the way a cylinder works remains the same. The operation of valves remains the same. And the chemical process of combustion remains the same.

      That’s all this community needs to finally understand. An engine will always work the way it works. And that’s why the sound will never change. Because this is created by the work of the engine.

      Nevertheless. This is my last soundmod for the community that exists publicly … And this one will remain the last one of me. It will only be updated at patch. But otherwise that’s it. After all, the community didn’t want it any different!

  8. Sound must be bushy ..all the sounds ever made
    same sound …must be such

    1. adi2003de

      Sure it MUST? NOTHING MUST!

      If you are not interessted on real sounds .. so please don´t Download my Sounds …

      Thank You!

      If you want to know how real my sound is … Take a look at this :

  9. Hi! Great sound as always, but the break sound sounds better in scania_v8_op_next_stage_IV_v3. Still i use that sound mod.Please make something with the break sound. Thank you in advance.

    1. adi2003de

      There are the same Break Sounds as in every Soundmod i made .. They are the best i get … So maybe you have a Soundfix for something used .. and there are other sound, that overwrite my sounds …

      Check this .. you see in the video that the Enginebreak as the other breaks and the retarder allways have the same sound.

  10. Klei_Mouka

    Another on point Sound mod from adi 😀 , this is realistic i dont care what people say

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