Scania V8 sound mod update 7.1 for patch 1.15


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Hi all,

It’s christmas day very soon, and i want to share this nice update of the V8 sound version 7. We worked hard on it (Matt Streamline & me).

Here are the changes :

-Improved 1000 & 1600 exhaust and idle sounds, and tweaked some others.
-Improved turbo-idle sound
-New tires/bearings sounds
-Full support for patch 1.15. It works on 1.14 but it will not sound as good as in 1.15. This sound is optimized for 1.15.
Also with this new patch, we can rev and hear the exhausts sounds even if there’s no gear engaged. This is very nice for the realism. Thanks SCS !!!

This sound mod works on those Scania :
R, Streamline, T, Reworked Streamline by Punisher, R2008 50Keda. (5 trucks in total).

Kriechbaum, MattStreamline


Video 1:

Video 2:

62 thoughts on “Scania V8 sound mod update 7.1 for patch 1.15

  1. This sound is great! Can you give me a working Vabis steering wheel for Scania R2008 50k under patch 1.14?

    1. KnowYourEgo

      just click on the link i have send. it will work with game version 1.15

      1. Thank you very much!

  2. Where can we get this steering wheel mod?
    Looks better than those I had before!

  3. TYVM. i was prefer v6 than v7.

  4. I love you sound mod and i only use your’s. I know this is for Scania but could you maybe do the L6 sound for Volvo FH 2009? Just started using it but i love this sound mod to much. Thx so much if you can. Also Merry Christmas 🙂

    1. kriechbaum

      Yes, later i’ll do it.

  5. 4 series please? merry christmas 😀

    1. kriechbaum

      Hello, forgot to mention, but 4 series by Satan is in the pack too ;))

  6. deineMudda

    again! it do not work with scania T!
    i got only this sound and the Scania T mod in my mordfolder. and it do not work!

    1. kriechbaum

      try to swap your engine in the shop.

      1. I have try to swap but no result!!
        Do you have another solution?

        1. Seems to work fine with me, i use this version btw:

    2. Николай

      scania_t_longline_reworked_by_henki_final_1.14.xx-def-vehicle-truck-scania.t-удали папку sound и всё, удачи!!!

  7. Fab scaniaT

    Good job but don’t work too whit Scania T.
    Il havé try to swap engine but not works so.
    I’m sad 🙁 lol

  8. Excellent Job Kreichbaum and Matt :). The realism is there!

  9. Thats what i name Quality, matt & kriechbaum 🙂 Nice done!

  10. Outlaw691

    Which Scania T Does The Sound Cover?

  11. good job kriechbaum 🙂

  12. Great job!

    1. Double Clutch

      Would love to have this mod but it will not work with Scania T. Have tried the eng. swap and checked all other mods in my folder but nada.

      1. kriechbaum

        Hello, it works on my Scania T perfectly. I can make a video if you want. Really sorry for your problem…

        See you.

        1. deineMudda

          its funny. for noone it works for scania t exept you.

          1. it works for me as well -_-

        2. Double Clutch

          Thanks Kriechbaum I hope to get this figured out.

      2. Николай

        scania_t_longline_reworked_by_henki_final_1.14.xx-def-vehicle-truck-scania.t-удали папку sound и всё, удачи!!!

  13. littlecat14

    salut kriechbaum, j’ai un soucis avec ton mod, le jeu plante comme tu peux le voir dans cette vidéo =>

    1. Change l’ordre de lancement en mettant des zzzz devant le nom des mods ou désactive certain de tes mods, mais c’est pas le mod, c’est ton install…

  14. very nice sound, thanks 🙂

  15. littlecat14

    Razor94 => c’est pas possible vu que ça ne plante pas dès que le mod est désactivé, et j’ai laissé le mod tel qu’il l’est donc avec pas mal de “z” devant, le sueul mod qui est après lui est le “improved weather”, mais merci de ta réponse

  16. Just great friend !!!!

    1. kriechbaum

      Thank you my friend !!

      1. Double Clutch

        Well Kriechbaum; I found my problem it was the
        Zs at the start I changed them up to zzZ.
        I love the sound thanks for your work.

  17. Hi Kriechbaum, first of all, thanks for this amazing mod!

    There’s only 1 problem, the interior sound remains default.

    And, it doesn’t working with Scania T mod (

    1. Sorry, it was another mod that doesn’t allowed the engine sound, so, the engine sound for scania t is fixed!

  18. good job!!

    Can you give me the link for the truck please!!

  19. really nice sound, thank you!

  20. Really nice sound, good job Kriechbaum !!, I use Scania R and Scania Multimod and your mod doasen’t work !!! Please help me !!, I’m allready swap the engine but no results !!

  21. alain78160

    Impossible d’avoir ton son même en créeant un nouveau profil et jute ton mod activé le son est totalement corrompu , quel dommage tes sons sont super .Bravo l’artiste

    1. kriechbaum

      C’est pas normal, tu as un camion spécial?

      1. Salut Kriechbaum, encore bravo pour ton mod, mais j’ai également le même problème qu’alain78160, et j’ai fait les mêmes manip que lui, et pas de son ! Snif !!, de mon coté j’utilise Scania Multimod.

  22. Can you give a link from the sidepipe?

  23. TCab ScaniaFan24

    Does This Mod Only Turn Ur Scania Into The V8 Sound Or All The Trucks?

  24. Number1TCabfan

    Does This Mod Only Turn Scania V8’s into That Sound Or Does It Turn The other Trucks Too.Cuz Some Sound Mods i Seen Always Turn Every Single truck Into The V8 Sound

  25. not works good, have R730 get 6 cylinder sound -_- then when change to other engine game crash!!! FIX!!

  26. jabadabadude

    I also tested, it doesn’t work!!! I have V8 engine too and it make V6 sound!!!!!!!!! then when I want change the engine sound gone and game crash when start!!!!!! this is a crappy mod, should be fixed!

  27. ScaniaLove

    Hello, I have quiestion Why my truck sounding different than the truck in the video? I got V8 too but sound is not good, is this not works with Scania multimod or something? I have multimod installed, maybe is problem? please someone tell me 🙁

  28. Hi, there is problem the mod not compatible with multimod, tested multiple times and crash, please make compatible with multimod. Thanks 🙂

  29. Okay, LOTS and LOTS of thing wrong with this mod.
    it DOESN’T work with Scania T, it crashes when you try to start the engine, it DOESN’t work if you have any mod activated that relies on engine data in def to work properly because it will crash. this mod is the biggest pile of you know what that I have ever seen! If you make a mod, than thoroughly test it with all the other mods and don’t just randomly put it out there! this mod Sucks!

  30. if I may ask her link trailers ?

  31. 1.16??

  32. Can you make dir 1.16 please!?

  33. hello, you can adjust the mod to 1.16.2 ?? it does not work 🙁

    1. ???? please….

  34. Working version with the 1.7 version Scania 4 series?
    I really need that o.o

  35. Could you make that sound working on 1.16.x?? I would like to have it wiyhot that worry that it will ruin my profile

  36. using this sound mod for my scania by Punisher and ### am loving it, btw am on 1.23 🙂

  37. do is it work with the scania 4 series and rjl

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