Scania V8 sound mod version 6


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Hi all,
Here is my 6th V8 and L6 sound mod version for the Scania’s.
This mod comes with two combined engines sounds. The sound depends of the engine you bought in the shop.
The V8 sound has been really improved in this version. The straight 6 engine sound is the same as the previous one.

This sound mod works for : Scania T 1.4.1, R, Streamline, Punisher’s Streamline, & R2008 50Keda.

Here’s two video of the sound on the R and T’series.

A big thanks to my friend Matt Streamline for his help to make this nice sound.


Kriechbaum, Matt Streamline


Video 1:

Video 2:

60 thoughts on “Scania V8 sound mod version 6

  1. ExperimentalTrucker

    Hello. Thank you one again. @Kriechbaum, Matt Streamline.
    Great sounds.

  2. Yeh, its true.

  3. Для версии 1.10.1 пойдёт ?

  4. kriechbaum

    Hi all, thanks !

    Yes it works from 1.9 to 1.12 and soon 1.13 😉

    1. bas damen

      hey friend Good sound again!

  5. ,this is the most realistic V8 sound that I ever heard

  6. son parfait merci

  7. Hello could u please make suitable this sound for that LKW ?


    1. kriechbaum

      I finaly made it working with this Scania by Satan, here it is :

      1. That’s a great sound but needs more work, viel spaß Kriecbaum, Respekt from Türkei!

  8. Best V8 sound ever created 😀

  9. hello, could you please make suitable this sound for Scania 124L ? Thanks.

    1. kriechbaum


      For the Satan’s Scania it won’t work with a separated sound mod. So i need to make an “all in one” truck + sound together.

      I already have asked to Satan, and i am waiting his response to do it.

      See you.

      1. okay thanks for your reply

  10. TeamSukka

    Where can I find the Scania T 1.4.1?

  11. Can i activate all sound files together wothout Messing up the game?

  12. kriechbaum

    You can active them all at the same time.

    1. Thank you! 🙂

    2. kriechbaum I downloaded many truck sounds from you already and I must say you’re getting better and better.You really improved yourself through this,SCS should hire you because you’re making sounds better then them.You’re making awfully GREAT sounds and I can just say- Thank you for sharing all of them with us for free.Good luck !

  13. Trucker Melli

    endlich kommen wir der realität näher! vielen dank, ein super sound! weiter so männer!

  14. Hi my friend,

    Thanks a lot for this job…Amazing!!!!


  15. S-U-P-E-R my friend…!!!

    1. kriechbaum

      Thanks friend 😉

  16. it works on scania or the streamline with brutal enviroment hd 9.1 version on?

    1. kriechbaum

      I think yes.

  17. Hayalet26

    Excellent sound.Thank you kriechbaum .

  18. Faelandaea

    Freaking ###### awesome! I love this update! The engine break sounds MUCH better than the last edition of your L6/V8 pack, and I absolutely LOVE that muffler sound when in high RPM using the H-Shifter.

    I know this sound is unique to the Scania, but I sincerely hope such a purring sound makes it into other trucks eventually. I am eager for a great DAF and Volvo truck pack that has deeper sounds like this also (even though in real life DAF has no V8 options, but Volvo does and I’d love to hear a sound like this on the Volvo).

    1. kriechbaum

      Hello, thanks !

      In a game everything’s possible. Note that neither volvo or Daf have or had V8 engines, only L6 for those two brands 😉

      See you.

  19. hey mate, ive installed everything as i usually do, only im getting the L6 sounds on v8 engines… any ideas what could be wrong?

  20. kriechbaum

    Hi all, and thank you !!!

    Happy you enjoy this sound.

    For those who have little problems, do this : enable the sound mod, choose the truck you want to, DO NOT DRIVE, but go on the online shop and swap the current engine to an another one. Then play.

    See you.

    1. hi, it doesn’t seems to work for me, it doesn’t present a problem but the sound in my scania is still the same, yes I have activated it already.

      oh and by the guy espectacular sound.

  21. kriechbaum

    Mole, i don’t know the sound mod is really clean, and without any errors, so i guess your problem comes from others mods, so check them all, or start a new profile just to test.

    Here is the same sound mod for the Scania 4 series version 1.6 by Satan:


    1. littlecat14

      Salut kriechbaum, dis moi, je suis en train de monter moi aussi un son \8/, je voudrais savoir si je pouvais utiliser certains de tes sons et tes archives pour créer mon mod et pour pouvoir le partager sur “”, merci

      1. kriechbaum

        Salut, tu peux mais mentionne bien dans les crédits les noms des moddeurs 😉


        1. littlecat14

          oui oui, t’inquiète pas, merci 😉

  22. Hey,

    when will it come for the latest patch?
    I really want to use that with my Scania T… >.<
    At the moment it just crashes the game.

    1. kriechbaum

      hi, download the Scania T version 1.4.1 available on forum scs. If you have a different version of the T, it will crash.

      See u.

  23. Oh! Mister Grosse Kotze is back. Your last Mod was not so good. You wanted to be applauded absolutely for it.
    You have cried like a small child because somebody does not liked your bad Mod. You have the Adm. let know because of this.You are named “The Man without #####” because of this.

    And now? This Mod is very good. The less realistic part of this Mod it made you. I can hear very well this one. I know your style. You cant make realistic sounds. You need help for this. Thanks to Matt Streamline for the realistic 🙂

  24. @DD I Dont use his bad sounds…

    If you’re replete from his miserable quality of sounds try to looking for realistic sounds by Henki for this truck.

  25. @ kriechbaum,
    best sound ever , but i want the interieur sound a little bit loader ,

    how can i fix that, ,let my now

  26. vraiment impressionnant…. l’évolution par rapport à l’ancien V8 est méconnaissable (l’ancien était super rassure toi^^) je n’ai qu’un mot perfection… on est au plus près du réel à mes oreilles^^ je sens que je vais un peu laisser mon Daf (qui était le meilleur son à mon goût dans tes productions sérieuses et prolifiques. Excuse moi pour la littérature mais là je suis vraiment vraiment impressionné… ça doit être ce petit son caverneux (que volidas frolait de près avec certains de ses sons notamment sur le scania 143 dont je préfère la première version) qui me transcende.^^ Voilà bonne continuation et encore bravo!

  27. kriechbaum

    T’es sympa, merci… Ca fait plaiz à entendre 🙂

    Et Oui, Volidas est extra surtout pour les Scania, même si je fais des sons, je dois reconnaitre utiliser certains des siens, ils sont très bons.

    On va tenter de continuer doucement l’évolution, même si ça s’avére difficile de plus en plus…


    1. salut Kriechbaum j’ai un problème avec le mod j’ai la version 1.4.2 du jeu et quand je le lance avec les mods sa crash j’ai essayer avec la version 6 et 7 du mod (pas en meme temps évidement) et sans autre mod mais sa ne marche toujours pas peut tu m’aider j’aime tellement le mod 🙂

  28. I have a mod does not work on 1.12.1.
    Includes all 4 files (or should we not all?), But the sound is normal, not V8

  29. the accelerate sound is not natural.

    if this shortcoming is eliminated then the sound is very good.

  30. its really great sound but for me is not working. My Game just stop and after that i have to restert my PC. Schade. Maybe someone gonna help ?

  31. Hello It`s not working for me on this Truck, can you do this sound to this truck? :)

    1. go into the Scania T reworked by Henki v2.4.scs the go to def\vehicle\truck\scania.t once in there extract the sound folder somewhere and keep it safe just incase once extracted delete the sound folder from the .scs file then the sound mod should work

  32. Awesome sound as always!!! But the whisteling noise is not hearable when you shift down in gears in real life. This whisteling noise is the wastegate letting out air 🙂 🙂

    But im NOT the one to complain cause i dont even know what i need to make a mod.

    Thanks for all ytour awesome work kriechbaum. You are amzing with mods!!

  33. Hello!
    Very good job!
    I have a problem with the sound for me only working the l6 sound i have tsm 5.2 and i think thats the problem because if i start a clean profile without tsm the sound is working perfect!
    How can i fix this? Maybe the problem is tsm add new engines to scania?

  34. Thank GOD… nope, thanks to you! I can finally use my brand new T620 V8 with proper sounds, not with that ###### original Streamline sounds.

    Nice work!

  35. My Scania is working with the sound? any ideas… works with the all the other Scaina’s.

    would be really cool if someone could help me!

  36. sound is good with trailer,but in cabin is too loud maybe little quiterer and it prefect.

  37. on new scania T for patch 1.14 is not work,sou do you think about update?

  38. That’s the greatest and the most realistic sound what I’ve ever heard! 🙂
    Good job!

  39. Kriechbaum use this for create a Scania R interior sound.. i think is the best 😀

    1. Bonjour je tient a vous dire que c’est un très beau mod, par contre il ne fonctionne pas sur la version 1.14.2. Est ce que sa serai possible de faire une mise à jours pour la version 1.14.2 ? Merci de me donner une réponse bonne continuation.

  40. salut Kriechbaum j’ai un problème avec le mod j’ai la version 1.4.2 du jeu et quand je le lance avec les mods sa crash j’ai essayer avec la version 6 et 7 du mod (pas en meme temps évidement) et sans autre mod mais sa ne marche toujours pas peut tu m’aider j’aime tellement le mod 🙂

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