Scania White-Blue Interior v2


It works with Scania RJL Version
It works fine on Version 1.24
Do not reupload.

Garry / RJL / V8K Blaine


9 Responses to Scania White-Blue Interior v2

  1. The Gamer says:

    do I need v8k s animation or it comes with it ?\

  2. nerowskyyMonster says:

    Can you do for scania r?

  3. icebeer75 says:

    Hi V8K Blaine simply this animation please also for normal steering wheels make the mod is great

    • Garry says:

      Hey icebeer,
      This mod is only reworked by me (Garry)
      You can write Blaine of his Facebook side;)

  4. Canarinho says:

    THX for Update Garry. Yeah, can’t wait for Streamline! I need this Beige. Good Job!!! Only the V8 Logo on Seats are not Visible, only Black.

  5. Dhaos says:

    Hi Gary! Nice edit, but it could better if you do something with dash board, i can barely se indicators and other things.
    Best Regards Dhaos.

  6. CameronV8Scotland says:

    this is well good but could you fix the dash as it goes white and cant see the dials but other than that great mod

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