Schmitz Cargobull

Tested 1.41.xx
Ai traffic
1 skins
Freight market
SCS cargoes
Advanced coupling
Animations brace
Animation cables
Lift axle

SCS Software, MDModding


4 thoughts on “Schmitz Cargobull

  1. Thanks Matdom1988 for updating the lights,
    a refresh would also be needed for the other AI Traffic trailers
    for me they are all working even the famous Schwarzmuller (I made some changes)
    The only one is the Chereau and I hope one day to see it in traffic.
    Grazie di nuovo.

    1. yeah, I miss that Schwarzmuller … qualitytrailers like this one and also agree on the Chereau, but for me the Hupa is at the top wanted comeback 🤩😍

      1. I only use AI traffic trailers (by Matdom1988 and Schmitz_S.KO Express_v2.0 Obelihnio, standalone SCS ModStudio2) the only problem I have is the license plate light.
        I don’t understand the new Modders, when asked if a new trailer will also be in traffic? annoyed answer NO and I don’t even think about it, in my opinion it makes no sense to appreciate the quality of a trailer is visibility.
        CiaoZ Mike

  2. Bonjour, Mat,
    merci pour la Mise à Jour du Schmitz.
    Un de mes Semis préférer de ton Atelier.

    Bon week-end.

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