Schmitz Sth V2 Skinnable

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Schmitz Sth V2 Skinnable with template
please respect autor : Lhools
Don´t upload this file on other hoster please.
good road



10 thoughts on “Schmitz Sth V2 Skinnable

  1. Mod from 2014

    1. That’s game crashed on test 1.30 for Trailer???

      1. test youself ###### boy! hahaha

        1. Shut up a.s.s.h.o.l.e

        2. DAF Trucker GER

          report hzhrm6, what a kid go away with your ###### comments!!
          nobody need you, you insulting all users that u think the are bads….

    2. yes mod by me but its rebuilding for 1.30 with template

  2. lights do not work indicator reverse heat brake lights

  3. jorgent97

    Hd video 1.30…

    1. Your video is not high definition

  4. Good evening
    possible to know where are the files for skinning the trailers?
    in the folder textures there are skinned trailers but they do not appear in the game they are all white
    thank you

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