Schmitz Trailer Pack V1.19


Tested Version 1.19.x
Trailers are standalone
Compatible with all DLC
Compatible with all trailers packs
Trailers are in traffic
Credits: Bora, Matdom1988, Fred_be

* Respect the download link *


3 thoughts on “Schmitz Trailer Pack V1.19

  1. Ahmet Özkul

    you are uselless peace of #### asholes links are not available I havent got respect for you asholes

    1. volvo F88

      hey man listen up there is nothing wrong with it! its people like you that make good modders stop putting good mods up. always complaining and stealing mods from others (not necessary you) i remember this community being awesome with beautifull mods and people helping out eachother. now its just complaining about scs and stealing mods from respected modders. for example the volvo f16 from the punisher, someone stole his mod changed it slightly and then he putted it up for sale! shame shame….. hope the days will change

  2. Go & die @Ahmet!
    You´re just to ###### to use it.

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