Schmitz universal skin



Schmitz Universal Trailer skins.
The separator package, and they did just skins.

Credit: satan19990
The separator package, and they did just skins.

Extract the .rar package and takes it inside the
schmitz_trailer_by_wopito.scs file to your game mod folder.

Play and enjoy!

0= ahola
1 = autocontex
2 = thylin
3 = dhl
4= dfs
5= astrans
6= essers
7= tnt
8= gilder
9= thermo transit
10 = waberer’s
11 = transmet
12 = dfds
13 = hk
14 = elovena


23 thoughts on “Schmitz universal skin

  1. [url=]Photos here[/url]

  2. Why did you take the Danfreight (DFS) skin from the Utility 3000R (converted to ETS2 by RBR-DUK) and put it on a trailer they don’t even use.

    And why put a Canadian company skin in a pack full of European companies?

  3. I’m looking for online services companies to explore and I are working. Appearance counts. This is just a game!

    1. I can’t understand you.

      Next time you steal skins at least remove the trailer brand stickers if you’re going to throw it onto a different trailer, numbnuts.

  4. Upeaa jälkeä tämäkin, meni lataukseen, kiitos!

  5. If those similar to someone else’s skins so can not do anything. In fact, they have done and put those trailers. And, everyone is not even real!

    Hienoa kun kelpasi Arska!

  6. Oh holy guns and wooden #####!

    Stop it!
    Have you looked at those other make with the skins. Posted in Uncategorized You can bark.
    How much you have done on your own time in front of all of us? Factors mods and skins factors make it for everyone, but not for himself.

    I think that the administrator removes this, and I made all the work if they all offend. And not just one clown!

    1. I’m just calling you out on your bullshit.

      You’re a thief and a liar.

      You’re just mad you got caught! lol

  7. These skins may be used freely. Not mention my name, but do not have to. These are made for everyone, not just myself.

    1. jbsystems

      Where is my name?

      Some skins are made ​​by me
      Create your own skins or they do not only edited.

      Same with this mod (Krone trailer skins)
      Some skins are also made ​​by me

      My skins come from this pack

      Insert the next time every man his credits!

  8. Anna ulkomaanpellen räksyttää… Taitaa paska olla vaan kateellinen kun ei ite osaa tehä näitä 🙂

    No, ei sen puoleen en osaa itekkään, mutta en anna sen häiritä, onneksi joku osaa. Vielähän noita voisi härnätä, ja alkaa syöttämään oikeen kunnolla suomalaisia firmoja sekaan???

  9. toimiiko 1.5.2? itse en saanu toimiin? johtuu varmaan muista modeista

    1. Toimii 1.5.2, ainakin mulla ja DLC on lisänä…

  10. I’ll have to do a full Schmitz Finnish skins.
    A good idea!

    Täytyykin tehdä Schmitz täyteen suomalaisia skinejä.
    Hyvä idea!

    1. Eiku vaan! Onhan näitä, ja pönttöjäkin olisi mukava nähdä “suomiväreissä”

  11. Varo vaan ettet käytä “väärää” logoa. Eräät kun tuntuu omistavan tietyt logot, aina väitetään varkaaks kun käytät.

  12. lol go jack off to some shoes ######

  13. v6matthew

    Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha. You are such a geeky nerd. go back to the gay club where you come from

    1. bahahahaha says the dude that jacks off to shoes! Funny ####!

  14. Shoe fetish huh? I bet you tried to squeeze yourself into your mother’s heels and when that didn’t work you just had a quick toss to them.

  15. Haha he erased his YouTube account, he had all kinds of subscriptions to shoe fetish channels. Just google “v6matthew” with quotes, now that he erased his channel he can’t even delete his comments, forever archived.

    What a beautiful fail.

    1. haha now he gonna be out raping shoes

      watch your sneakers, J.

  16. Tee pelkkiä suomalaisia firmoja..

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