Scorpion Paint Job for Scania 2016 Updated

Paint job come in all three cabins (Normal, Highline, Highline 8×4), all MG DLC painted also and if you really want to spice it up I skinned all the custom parts in Scania RS Addons V5,and custom 50k light boxes too, also the skin is NOT colorable (it comes as you see it) and it’s metallic.Enjoy.

-Added paint job for all SCS trailers (curtain, reefer, double trailers) which makes it now a combo.
-Added compatibility for the folowing mods (besides the mod mentioned above):
-Mohegan13’s Truck Accessory Pack: or on the Workshop
-Solutech’s ReMoled Next Gen 1.8.2
-Next Generation Scania P G R S Pack or on the Workshop


Donation link: PayPal.Me/VandallRTR

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