SCS New Krone Reworked Krone Lowbed Megaliner

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scs new made krone trailer by making arrangements bed krone megaliner turned animated cables are compatibleI was apologizing because it was not time for kogel skin is compatible

scs yasin.calim


14 thoughts on “SCS New Krone Reworked Krone Lowbed Megaliner

  1. Looks amazing! *_*

  2. Oh very nice ! Thanks 😉

  3. REVIEW:

  4. TheGreenlightTrucker

    It’s not a MegaLiner. It have smaller wheels only 😀
    But same high as the original SCS trailer. #FAIL.

    For illustrative purposes:
    • Mega (Coil) Liner

    • ProfiLiner

    1. yasin.calim

      Respect the work done here first and make you better

      1. TheGreenlightTrucker

        So, why you need to upload your first ####?
        No one need this 😉 & I know i can do it better.

    2. And the Screen is from the actual Event by SCS LOL

      1. TheGreenlightTrucker

        Nope, because the trailer by SCS don’t have a Krone Skin 😉

        By the way: The wheels are on wrong position #FAIL² 😀

        1. Skin by smyroflux not yasin.calim

          1. TheGreenlightTrucker

            Yep. Saw it on SCS Forum too ^^

  5. Çerkes Paşa

    Lan g..veren prim yapacam diye gitmişin ordan burdan parça yürütüp Krone Megaliner yaptım diye sallamışın. Karakter yoksunu p

  6. Does anybody know which file to change to edit the licence plate in this mod. The template shows a place for the plate but when I added my plate it doesn’t show and is replaced by the original plate it came with.

    1. TheGreenlightTrucker

      The plate is of game, not of trailer. If you know, what I mean.

  7. I can’t understand a word from this description :/

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