Seat Leon V1R60 (1.40)

Updated to 1.40



14 thoughts on “Seat Leon V1R60 (1.40)

  1. sadafgdsfa

    I’m a simple man, I see trzpro I see skoda.

  2. Nice mod, but some bugs:
    – Headlights and rear lights seem orange, they should be more white and red I would say
    – GPS map is bugged, you can see through it onto the road
    – Mirrors are bugged in the same way as GPS
    – Dashboard is bugged too, you can see Scania but also Seat display
    – When using left blinker, you can see rear lights being illuminated too
    – Still terrible horn sound 😒
    Please fix 🙂

    1. because the mod is built on SuperB. they only changed the model

      1. I know that all trzpro’s mods are based on Superb. But these issues did not happen (apart from horn), so I think it was simple compatibility update and it was not checked for errors like these.
        It happens all the time… and even when I report them, they don’t get fixed… only compatibility updates…

  3. z4b0 to dog

    Hello, is it possible to edit mod? I mean that I’d like to change license plate into my own plate. Which programs I should use to change a graphics of this car?

  4. Please create a Ford C Max

  5. lütfen bir mercedes benz e250 2012 full kasa yaparmısınız iç ve dış donanımları iyi güzel çizilmiş olsun rica etsem yaparmısınız…

  6. lütfen bir mercedes benz e250 2012 full kasa yarım açık sanrooflu yaparmısınız iç, dış ve genel donanımları iyi güzel çizilmiş olsun rica etsem yaparmısınız…

  7. SEAT LEON ❌ ETS2 1.40 🚦 CAR MOD

  8. hi tzpro can you make mercedes benz c-coupe for 1.40 plz?

  9. Iggy Gaming
  10. Mustang 900 hp please

  11. wes eisenberger

    Mod CRashes please fix cant acces my garage manager amymore even if i delete the mod

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