Semitrailers Pack by Ralf84 & Scaniaman1989 1.1 (1.41)

The 1.1 Patch introduces the single wheel versions of the trailers. They have different axles size so as the fender accessories which are smaller than the twin wheel versions, they have the full standard selection of tires and rims and they are compatible with the main trailer wheel mods. To allow the mod to be compatible with the standard SCS wheel sets it was necessary to create different folders in the mod def structure so as in the trailers market. Now there are both the 10 wheel and the single wheel versions.


– Added Single Wheel trailers variants and compatible accessories
– Added accessories with no cages
– Fixed Collision causing trailer damage
– Increased distance between cabin and trailer
– Fixed Europoint1 Lightmask
– Fixed 10 Wheel trailers tires texture
– Fixed painted palletbox reflection

AUTHORS: Ralf84 & Scaniaman1989
CREDITS: Mixer66 – Baltazar – SCS

DOWNLOAD 221 MB [mirror]

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