Sideskirt custom Scania 2016 S and R

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Tested 1.30
3 versions (chassis 4×2, 6×2, 6x2long)
Template inclus



11 thoughts on “Sideskirt custom Scania 2016 S and R

  1. Ciao, thanks for the mod and happy 2018.
    Question and possible to solve the prolema of the full paint mirrors?
    Grazie di nuovo.

    1. lordmodets2

      teacher, you can convert the tank trailer lemiload from kamaz to patch 1.30.x, right now I appreciate your response

      1. Thank you, but I’m not a modder
        The master is Matdom1988
        I can try but I do not assure you anything, where is the trailer?

        1. lordmodets2

          teacher sorry I did not explain myself right, is that you converted some trailers (krone profiliner and cooliner and universal schimtz to 1.28.x) that can be used in ets2 studio, so I call it teacher, because I learned to use ets2 studio watching your video lesson hehehe … if you can do this with this trailer, I would thank you very much …

          trailer lebmiload

          1. If I can tomorrow I’ll let you know
            I answer you here

          2. lordmodets2

            no need to worry about the time, do in the time that is convenient, I await the response here, very grateful

          3. Try it if you like it otherwise you’ll delete it
            it’s not really perfect

          4. lordmodets2

            really he is some problems, most thank you for your effort and work, thanks anyway, very much appreciated.

  2. jorgent97

    Hd video 1.30…

  3. Merci, Mat, ça va être alors enfin moine compliquer pour les Sideskirts.

    Bonne Dimanche

    1. lordmodets2

      if it is possible to do, this mod would show with the original sideskirts and more light options

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