Skin Peterbilt 389 Dixie TX


Thanks dmitry68 and Stas556 for a truck and the template.



26 thoughts on “Skin Peterbilt 389 Dixie TX

  1. rallisport

    This is so ugly.

    1. Brian Earl Spilner

      Yet, you opened it and then spent the time to comment on it.

      Do you always devote your time like this to things you find unattractive?

  2. ari hayyat

    Ty it looks good

  3. Only skin or skin and truck ?

  4. Only skin Grandpa.

    1. Thank you

  5. You’re welcome dude.

  6. Excellent Skins, I recommend you do for the Peterbilt 379 and Kenworth trucks please. Thanks good contribution.

  7. ETS_Cobra

    I like the skin as well.

    Many Thanks!

  8. Nicely done skinner,

    Thanks for the good work you have done on this skin,

    one thing ,, Dixie TX ??….. TX = Texas
    should have been TN = Tennessee…

    1. Brian Earl Spilner

      Dixie TX, because the skin features both the Confederate Flag (Dixie) and the Lone Star (Texas).

      Why Tennessee?

  9. Yes TX = #### good Texas dude.

  10. ets2 skins

    Skiner can i have the template please bud

  11. skiner were did you get the template from friend i like skin my trucks? you done nice job here on this my friend cheers ian

  12. The template is located in the truck file. Just open the Peterbilt 389 Stas556_dmitry68-2.0.scs file. Cheers duds.

  13. Thanks skiner but is there no template were we see the outline of the truck ? I open scs file and paintjob etc but find the template painted red and with blue stripes etc wonder if there a empty one available cheers

  14. Thanks have located now skiner


      I cant find the template where did you find it?

  15. ” I wish i was in Dixi- huray!”
    Very nice skin mate !!!

  16. business may be lookin up for ya when the new ATS opens up in the future. Are you goin to be our new skinner for american trucks? We need one ! Good job and wait to see more. From Texas MOOOOOOOO.

  17. can You also make a few skins for peterbilt 379 … thanks

  18. can someone make the peterbilt 389 so that he can be played on a slow computer

  19. looks great. i keep seeing the rolled front bumper. can whoever converted that bumper from the w900ARC please take the kenworth logo out of the middle of the confederate flag? does anyone else see how idiotic it is to have a keworth emblem on a peterbilt?? i know this is just a skin. but maybe someone knows how to revise it?

  20. in witch truck store do I found the truck, couse I don´t find it

  21. Hey man love the skin. Do you have this skin for ATS Peterbilt 389? Ive been looking for one like this.

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