Skoda SuperB 1.32

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Updated for 1.32
Added Automatic Gearbox animation
Added TOYS dlc
Added chrome (krom.mat), piano black (kromn.mat) red chrome (kromred.mat), glass (yenicam.mat), lightmask (lm.mat) for modders
Improved psychics



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5 thoughts on “Skoda SuperB 1.32

  1. Camera errors, skout not Skoda, pmgs not updated to last version, steering wheel not positionable. 1.32??

  2. It’s okay to add animations and features to the original skoda superb. The original mod was a big breakthrough in the car mods, but it has many errors. The weight is that of a truck with trailer, which forced to adjust in an unreal way the characteristics of the engine and the transmission. But the main problem is the hitch with the car trailer: There are more than three meters between the car and the hitch car trailer. Could you fix that bug in a next version? Then it would be a great mod.

  3. Cool Mod,.

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  5. Elmakia26

    quiero descargalo

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