Skoda Superb Reworked

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2x Ön Tampon (Stock&M3)
Yeni polis ledleri
2x Arka Tampon (Tek Egzoz&Çift Egzoz)
2x Ön Logo
4x Ön Panjur
1x Spoiler
3x Bijon

2x Front Bumper (Stock&M3)
New police lights
2x Rear Bumper (Single Exhaust&Double Exhaust)
4x Front Grill
1x Spoiler
3x Bolts

Metehan BİLAL


4 thoughts on “Skoda Superb Reworked

  1. if u add some better engine and fix blinker it can be good rework, but right now is nothing special.

  2. dagamegator
  3. I think it’s good that the best skoda, you add animated change, cabin accessories or a digital speedometer. But you change some textures that does not imply improvement, but quite the opposite, and you want to present it as a reworked mod , I think a real scam

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