Skoda Superb V6.0

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– New Parts
– New Textures
– Little cambered wheels
– Working on 1.24-1.26
– You can buy IVECO Gallery
– Edit & share is forbidden !

Metehan Bilal – TruckersMP


9 thoughts on “Skoda Superb V6.0

  1. SancakTepeLi

    metoo bubaaa cantın olayım parlat beniii 😀

    1. Metehan Bilal

      Yok abi çocuklara yıkatacam arabayı küçük yaşta öğrensinler :DASÇF

  2. im pretty certain you cannot drift in ets2 :l

    1. Metehan Bilal

      I’m working on it.

  3. ScaniaVabis93

    very very ugly and a bad mod.

    1. You don’t like it, then make your own! Jackass
      Metehan Bilal – nice mod mate! 😀

      1. Steve, he is allowed to say his opinion on the internet and he’s pretty right, it looks terrible. But for some people it might be ugly as hell and for some it might be beautiful…

        1. yeah! I’m agree that your comment!

  4. man navigation is not working on left seat. on uk works ..but is wipers problems on uk

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