Smålands Logistik Schenker – Scania R2016 – by Julle V.1

A Smålands Logitsik skin for Eugenes next gen Scania with Kast Tandem addon. It comes with ownable ekeri trailer. The skin is for the ekeri 4.4 box on the truck. Tested on 1.38.

Do not re-upload!



3 thoughts on “Smålands Logistik Schenker – Scania R2016 – by Julle V.1

  1. Can make new skins for these:

    Rigid chassis Addon for Eugene’s Scania NG by kast
    Scania S, R and Tandem

    this tandem skin does not work on the box.

    Because the skins I test are quite funny and do not fit at all … 🙁

    Does it no longer work for Ekeri, Vak, Kraken, Knapen or Närko, so that you can make those trucks look as clean as everyone else you have?

    1. Gutte do you have the latest version for Eugenes addon? This is for the ekeri box

  2. skulle du kuna göra ett NAJ schenker skin.

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