Snowfall for Winter mods with removed Rain stripes


The Original Snowfall for Wintermods Mod by Piva was modified by me. Basically i removed the rain stripes because they annoyed me and i think it’s better without any Stripes. The Snow fleets on the Windshield is present and are pretty much the same looking as the one from the original Mod.

I recommend using this Mod with the Frosty Winter Mod’s

How to install:

1. Place file in the Mod Directory of ETS2
2. Activate it with higher Priority than the Winter Mods
3. Have Fun

Original Autor: Piva – Modified by: OptionalJoystick


3 thoughts on “Snowfall for Winter mods with removed Rain stripes

  1. link of winter mod by piva please

  2. OptionalJoystick

    This is the original Snowfall Mod:

    This is the Winter Mod i recommend:

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