SOUTH EAST ASIA V0.2.4.1 [1.48]

– New Country: Philippines
– New 10 cities
– Fixed road issues codes in Malaysia and Singapore (problems with JRR)
– Flags and emblems have been added at the crossroads of some Malaysian states
– A border checkpoint has been added at Smatan in Sarawak
– Re-added the file and changed the file name (renamed dlc indo to Southeast Asia 02)
– National flags have been added in Johor, as well as in Malaysia, Johor, Thailand, Singapore, Myanmar and Vietnam for companies, vacation spots, bus stops, etc…
– Some street signs have been changed in Thailand
– Stupa added in Myanmar, Thailand (new model)
– Eliminates time zone issues and increases the number of time zones and time differences
– In all countries with left-hand traffic, the position of the steering wheel Ai, Quick Mission shifts from left to right
– All small toll booths have been replaced



9 thoughts on “SOUTH EAST ASIA V0.2.4.1 [1.48]

  1. Oyundan atıyor

  2. How to turn on the asian map as shown !!!!

    1. Xiguawangzi


    2. Xiguawangzi


  3. SixMeTillUDYE

    how to get that globe map navigation? any links

    1. Xiguawangzi

      You Must have a Background mod

  4. Hello ,so how to get this background mod ?
    so is it ok if add the DLC ,7 map ?

    After install the dlc ,add this map will be appear the map ? Thank you

    1. Xiguawangzi

      Yes,You can Search Background

  5. Where can i download the background mod?

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