Southern Region v 7.5.0 [1.32] [upd: 18.10.18]

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Update 7.5 of 18.10.18


– Adaptation to patch 1.32
– New settlements: GUAM, Nizhny Novgorod, Absheron
-Updated towns: Novorossiysk, Tuapse, Gelendzhik, Armavir, Sankt-Peterburg, Krasnodar
– Improved optimization
– Improved textures of road signs and pavement
– Added Russian traffic from game developers and our team
– Lada Grant DPS added to traffic
-Police car-added correct license plates
– Other changes

For game version: 1.32.x
Required DLC: “Going East”,”Scandinavia”, “Vive La France”, ” Italia”

Support for the full range of accessories of the SISL ‘ Mega Pack for KAMAZ

Set of thematic paints KAMAZ’a from Konstantin Udovichenko

Fix for the performance of new garages


DOWNLOAD 600 MB Part 1
DOWNLOAD 600 MB Part 2
DOWNLOAD 600 MB Part 3
DOWNLOAD 600 MB Part 4
DOWNLOAD 600 MB Part 5
DOWNLOAD 227 MB Part 6

28 thoughts on “Southern Region v 7.5.0 [1.32] [upd: 18.10.18]

  1. Does it works with ProMods?

    1. yes it works , in the promods site there is thread with the priority order of maps.

  2. Guthrie Forbes

    Not as far as I can see

  3. Work good! Thank you.

  4. ###, russian share mods. Pack this #### in one archive! Nobody will download the pack! :((-1

    1. iTzSplashed

      Why not? I will

    2. Lilo is Good

      I will

  5. Wonder when Sankt-Peterburg became a part of South of Russia?

  6. John Fazackerley

    I will

  7. KingGhidorach

    i can’t download the 1 file. it says that its broken help

  8. Leif Knudsen

    works for Mariomap ??

    1. no is not compatible with MarioMap

  9. part1 srmap_7.5.7z.001: The archive is corrupt how too fix it

  10. Why have some of the load being driven without a trailer. to ruin the game so it’s scary

  11. martin clark

    still no file download that works

  12. 클리닝

    These files are not SCS files, so they are not applied to the mode. Please tell me how to apply the mode.

  13. sa gençler bu bölüm bölüm diyor her bölümü kısmı indirmek şartmı yoksam tek bölümümü indircez ?

  14. Andreas Sørensen

    my game is crashing every time i try to load the map HELP!!

  15. “New settlements: GUAM, Nizhny Novgorod, Absheron”
    That’s a LIE. There are no such settlements included in this map.

  16. golfista79

    someone can explain to me how to open files. He keeps telling me that it can not be opened. do you have to change something before opening the files?

  17. It is compability with ROS?

  18. hii can u give all dis files into single link please

  19. Bepanthen

    Hi Andreas
    Ich habe das gleiche Problem. den etwas ist komisch ist dir das aufgefallen wenn man die Dateien Herunterläd passiert komisches
    man lädt nähmlich nicht die SR Map 7.5.0 sondern die SR Map 7.5.7 herunter und da ist der Haken weil der Computer das nicht kennt und daher nicht mit der Russmap kompatibel ist. Die Promods 2.31 und die Russmap funktionieren einwandfrei.

  20. Work with Mario Map / Rus Map /ROS / China & Taiwan Map / ProMods / Poland Rebuliding ?

  21. 200BasanTofas

    1.33 out.I am waiting your mod.

  22. Does this map work with Promod version 2.31?
    The game version I have is 1.32

  23. Would+it+work+without+RusMap?

  24. Crashes when i put it in my ets 2 1.32
    I dont have promods i have Rusmap and some other mods like turkey map romania map,
    with fixes it wont work too

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