Specially Developed Engine 1.30x

*Tested : 1.30x
*For All Truck
***Designed for heavy cargo , too strong for normal load***

Name : Specially Developed Engine
Price : 100.000€
Unlock : 2 Level
HP : 7500
kW : 5516
Torque : 10.000
RPM Limit : 3000

Designed to easily pull !heavy loads! , I know this game not a Need For Speed!

(Sorry for my bad english)
(if you any problems please contact us)



3 thoughts on “Specially Developed Engine 1.30x

  1. what a ###### mod

  2. Unreal bad Kiddy mod

  3. In reality guys don’t have special engines but special GEAR BOX.
    Can you imagine around 1950, trucks had 200 250HP doing this same job, can you challenge this?

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