Specially Developed Engine 1.30x

*Tested : 1.30x
*For All Truck
***Designed for heavy cargo , too strong for normal load***

Name : Specially Developed Engine
Price : 100.000€
Unlock : 2 Level
HP : 7500
kW : 5516
Torque : 10.000
RPM Limit : 3000

Designed to easily pull !heavy loads! , I know this game not a Need For Speed!

(Sorry for my bad english)
(if you any problems please contact us)



3 Responses to Specially Developed Engine 1.30x

  1. Philipp says:

    what a ###### mod

  2. Trucker says:

    Unreal bad Kiddy mod

  3. evox says:

    In reality guys don’t have special engines but special GEAR BOX.
    Can you imagine around 1950, trucks had 200 250HP doing this same job, can you challenge this?

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