Start 2000000 euro + XP + Level version 2.0

-Mod adds 2 000 000 euros at the beginning of the game
-Mod is necessary to set the highest priority in MM (put above all mods)

New in version 2.0:

-added quick pumping experience and high level

After reaching the required level and experience – the mod can be disabled
For a quick pumping experience and a high level of modes, you can connect / disconnect at any time
To receive 2 000 000 euros of modes to connect when creating a new profile



4 thoughts on “Start 2000000 euro + XP + Level version 2.0

  1. Incredible nonsense!
    Uninstall the game, boy, and play NFS! This is not your simulator.

  2. Old Trash! Parameter “level_xp” has long been in a separate file economy_data_xp.sii

    1. SlavikSD At this sdonbass18 he is Max Yushchenko, Max, Stabon, Donbassic, Saturn and can even more nicknames, there is no concept in moddind, he even can not register a truck in a car dealership normally. You wrote everything correctly, but please do not tell him anything more, he is ###### and earns money on file races for which inexperienced users are being conducted. Google translator, I hope you understand me

  3. Little kid mod!

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