Start 2000000 euro + XP + Level version 2.0

-Mod adds 2 000 000 euros at the beginning of the game
-Mod is necessary to set the highest priority in MM (put above all mods)

New in version 2.0:

-added quick pumping experience and high level

After reaching the required level and experience – the mod can be disabled
For a quick pumping experience and a high level of modes, you can connect / disconnect at any time
To receive 2 000 000 euros of modes to connect when creating a new profile



4 Responses to Start 2000000 euro + XP + Level version 2.0

  1. Vader says:

    Incredible nonsense!
    Uninstall the game, boy, and play NFS! This is not your simulator.

  2. SlavikSD says:

    Old Trash! Parameter “level_xp” has long been in a separate file economy_data_xp.sii

    • ballu says:

      SlavikSD At this sdonbass18 he is Max Yushchenko, Max, Stabon, Donbassic, Saturn and can even more nicknames, there is no concept in moddind, he even can not register a truck in a car dealership normally. You wrote everything correctly, but please do not tell him anything more, he is stupid and earns money on file races for which inexperienced users are being conducted. Google translator, I hope you understand me

  3. BigJhon says:

    Little kid mod!

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