Steering Wheel for Ohaha FH16 2013 – ByCapital v1.0


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This mod adds two new steering wheels to Ohaha’s Volvo FH16 2013. These steering wheels have a shiny chrome logo instead of the stock matte logo.
The mod uses the same textures as Ohaha’s Volvo so it will work with custom interiors.

Give this mod higher priority than Ohaha’s Volvo mod to avoid conflicts.

Please don’t reupload and do respect the credits.

Capital, Aradeth, Ohaha


One thought on “Steering Wheel for Ohaha FH16 2013 – ByCapital v1.0

  1. Иван

    Одни и те же цвета, особенно сидушки, придумайте что нибудь новенькое

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