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Hi all, here it is !

Final version of the new L6 engine sound for (almost) every trucks.
This pack gives you this sound for those trucks:
-Renault Premium / Magnum
-Volvo FH16 / 2012
-Scania R, T, Stramline, R2008 Mattdom
-Sisu by RJL

To have this sound on the Scania, just buy an engine under 490hps. (More strongers engines have a V8).

Soon, i ll make it for the iveco, and the Daf.
Take care about one thing : i had not the proper sound with the Scania R2008 by Mattdom, i had to delete the sound folder in the def files.



42 Responses to Straight 6 open pipe sound Megapack

  1. Bala says:

    This sound is realy realistic!…Great work!

  2. kriechbaum says:

    Thanks !
    Also forgot to mention, but also works for the MAN.

    • AlexanderK says:

      kriechbaum can you tell me a good open Pipe Daf sound mod i dont find a good one :p

  3. wegger says:

    Very nice sound buddy! Danke!

  4. Alexandru Andrey says:

    I love your sound mod Kriechbaum , you are the best 😀

  5. Sportive17 says:

    I have been waiting for this! Really great work Kriechbaum.

  6. вован84 says:

    где такой модный прицеп fliegl можно скачать (самосвал зерновоз)серенький…можно ссылочку…он автомномный и если можно скажите что заменяет…или заменит…заранее большое спасибо…

  7. MirmoZibang says:

    Enfin .. ! Je l’attendais depuis tellement longtemps ! Merci Kriechbaum !
    Super mod

  8. Big Time says:

    Your sound modding skills should be illegal your too good xD…..Great sound Though

  9. muppet says:

    My face when i heard the R. Magnum O_O
    My face when i heard the MAN 😯
    Your work is impressive .. really.
    Are u going to do the rest seriously?

  10. kriechbaum says:

    Thank you all !!!

  11. @dr_jaymz says:

    damn! that premium sound awesome! excellent work Kapitänleutnant Danquerque!

  12. mtrmarivaldotadeu says:

    you do not update for this sound:
    Scania 6 cylinders sound by Kriechbaum V2

  13. phil says:

    Is it compatible with you last l6 and v8?

  14. kriechbaum says:

    For scania, use the one in the pack (7.4) don’t need 7.3 anymore, it has the V8 too 😉

  15. JESAN says:

    Excellent tout ça, Bravo
    Thanks for the SISU sound
    Very good excepted the exhaust brake : awful (too high frequencies/rpm ?)
    (here the guy Tincho got a good jake brake sound in his t800 sound mod)

  16. muppet says:

    Kriechbaum, can u do that it works for this Magnum Legend?

  17. muppet says:

    Kriech it doesnt work for me. I have tried the 3 engines 520,577 and 615cv.
    Your Legend mod is for the Mat Edition 6.1 or for another?

  18. skejcikk says:

    Hi, what is it and what mod Scania Renault mod is because if jemmand could help me currencies nice; )

  19. kriechbaum says:

    Muppet :
    it is magnum legends 6.1. If it doesn’t work, it is a game issue (i had it too), to solve this do that : with WINRAR, open the part one of the truck mod (the renault magnum), go to def/vehicle/truck/renault.magnum (or renault.legmat) and then you will have a “sound” folder, just delete this folder by pressing the “DEL” touch of your keyboard. Close the mod, be sure to have enabled my sound mod; and the sound will work properly 😉

    skejcikk : i use the Scania R2008 reworked by Mattdom. The Magnum in the vidéo is this one :

  20. skejcikk says:

    Could you send me the link for the Scania R2008 reworked by Mattdom ? because I can not find the .

  21. muppet says:

    Yes !!! it works ! thanks for the help and this superb MOD.
    The Legend with pipe sound →

  22. deeck says:

    bravo ,un plaisir et d un réalisme pure .

  23. Thomas says:

    Bonjour Kriechbaum, c’est un son extra que tu à fait et je l’ai déjà pris pour mon magnum et mon man ! 😉
    Mais par contre, la Fliegl que tu à dérrière ton Magnum, est elle privé ou pas ? Car dans la vraie vie je roule et c’est ce que j’ai comme benne dérrière mon Daf donc j’aimerais bien refaire mon ensemble dans ets2 pour pouvoir roulé avec 🙂

    • kriechbaum says:

      Salut Thomas, la benne je l’ai payée (cher même) je ne la partage pas.

  24. jean-pierre says:

    wo gibt es den kipper und der sound is der hammer!!!

  25. Thomas says:

    D’accord je te comprend, merci quand même

  26. kriechbaum says:

    Hi all !

    Here’s the link for the Daf & Iveco series :

    See you 🙂

  27. WobblyCaptain says:

    Sounds pretty good

  28. wegger says:

    Thank you so much kriechbaum !

  29. kriechbaum says:

    Here’s the same sound but for the Scania 4 series by Satan :

    • pieter1 says:

      For me the sound mod on the Scania 4 series by Satan doesn’t work. I use version 2.0 of that mod. Can you please fix it?

  30. volidas says:

    Good sound amigo !!!

  31. ASD says:

    Can you please update to work with 1.17.1? For some reason my game crashes with this mod..

    • NoSyMe says:

      Same as ASD.

      Unfortunately, this Mod doesn’t work with 1.17.1 and crashes the game when loading a profile with your Mod activated 🙁

      We’d love an updated version 🙂

  32. Sxgamer says:

    hey kriechbaum good openpipe pack

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