Streamline Paint Job Coloreable [MP-SP] [Multiplayer] [TruckersMP]


Mod completamente utilizable en el online! Solamente se debe extraer el .rar y copiar el .scs a la carpeta de mods de nuestro juego. Una vez hecho los anteriores pasos, ingresamos al juego en modo singleplayer, compramos o modificamos nuestro vehículo y ya estaría, al entrar al online tendremos nuestro camión.


Mod fully usable in the online! You should only extract the .rar and copy the .scs to the mods folder of our game. Once the previous steps are done, we enter the game in singleplayer mode, we buy or modify our vehicle and it would already be, when entering the online we will have our truck.

SCS Software, TEmaT


3 thoughts on “Streamline Paint Job Coloreable [MP-SP] [Multiplayer] [TruckersMP]

  1. Why making 3 mods seperately. While you can combine them into one single file using Mods Studio 2.

    1. There are people who search for them separately, so I prefer that they have to download separately than that they have to download things they don’t want.

  2. 为什么我的不工作

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