SZM Addon 1.0 Demo for version 1.36

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Map for ETS2 – SZM Addon 1.0 Demo for version 1.36.

Map author: Valery 10AVOID
Object Author: Denis DENLOG
Consulting support: Artem Polynsky.

SZM Addon is a new free publicly accessible mod project for the ETS2 game, working in conjunction with RusMap and South Region maps.
The project presents several areas of the Leningrad region, as well as settlements, such as Tikhvin, Alekhovschina, Vinnitsa.
The project is integrated into Rusmap through congresses in the area of ??Novaya Ladoga, Lodeynoye Pole.

Installation Order:
– SZM Addon 1.0
– Fix for 1.36 SouthernRegion
– Rusmap 2.0
– SouthernRegion 7.9.0


DISCLAIMER: ATTENTION! The map used objects of the RusMap and Southern Region projects. All rights to the models belong to their authors.
Map is compatible with the traffic pack from Jazzycat. Do not forget to upgrade the traffic pack to compatible with version 1.36!

Version of the game for the Map: 1.36.
Required map dlc: (Going East, Scandinavia, Viva la France, Italia, BeyondBalticSea, BackToBlackSea).

Official community map:
Author’s YouTube Channel:
Teaser –

Leave your feedback on the download pages, on social networks, as well as on the YouTube channel and VK group.
The author will follow the public opinion regarding this project, and make appropriate decisions on areas for further development.
Thanks Artem Polinsky, Denis Loginovsky, the team of authors of the projects South Region and Rusmap, as well as everyone who supports the project materially and verbally, including on my channel.

Huge request – keep the original file links! Thanks.



5 thoughts on “SZM Addon 1.0 Demo for version 1.36

  1. ProMods and RoEx ?

    1. ProMods and RoEx – OK. Don’t work correctly with St Petersburg Addon for Rusmap.

  2. Wywala mnie z gry po przejechaniu kilku kilometrów ustawienia zrobilem jak pokazane jest moduł zmieniony

  3. Calliandr

    Всё работает норм!
    У кого стоит ProMods 2.43 файл аддон ставить выше файлов ProMods 2.43 и “RusMap” ,перед roadconnection,если как на картинке поставить, то будут разрывы.
    А почему опять нет города “Подпорожье”(Podporozhye) ?

  4. Can you make it working with St. Petersburg Addon?

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