TEDIT v4.17.2

Update to version 4.17.2!

added in config option max_gps_points – maximum number of set of GPS coordinates after clicking on the button [GPS]. The default is 10 (as it was before, when this parameter was not). The meaning of this parameter: when installing more than one point GPS the game only shows the distance to the last – and to estimate the distance (and travel time) to the intermediate points is just not possible. Therefore, by setting, for example, max_gps_points 1, the route will be constructed only to the first point of discharge (but the laptop still will describe all items as it was previously);
added in config option simulation_avg_speed – similar to gaming, the average speed of the truck in the path (in km/h), used to calculate the time from the current location of the truck to the base load, and in some calculations. The default is 50 km/h;
added in config option use_notebook – whether to use the laptop (ie – a sign of the driver) or not. If a “0” – not used “1” – use. By default equal to “1”;
now in every cutaway/lead your own trailer its coordinates are stored (when the plugin!);
when you purchase the trailer of his COG (center of gravity) exhibited 1.5 (previously 0.5);
ATTENTION! Updated plugins! Old remove, new is to put.



5 thoughts on “TEDIT v4.17.2

  1. Thanks!

  2. blakeyboy6

    So what exactly does this do?

    1. Believe it is a save game editor

    2. Allows you to buy and use your own trailer.

  3. Excuse, could you make MacOS version?

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