The new, improved physics v1.0 alpha


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Mod improves the physics of the game.
Rocking the cab, better physics trailers are just some of the capabilities of this module !!

-Working On 1.24.x;
-Not Working on previous versions;
-Recommendation To use computers for better (although if you prefer to have less FPS can play on the weak hardware);
Realistic feelings.

Do not change the link !!!
Allow for elevation of the other side, but with keeping the author and link the original !!!!



6 thoughts on “The new, improved physics v1.0 alpha

  1. Robert Dee

    Good job 🙂

      1. misiek108

        Polska panie kolego 😉

  2. Дeрьмo, а нe фисика.Прыgаит как мячь.

  3. Stolen mod. Original author is VAHID

  4. Jebany cyganie nie kradnij modow

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