The new skin Scania r Volvo FH12


For the first time uploading work, hope you like



11 thoughts on “The new skin Scania r Volvo FH12

  1. breizhdave


    for scania R2008 by 50ked?

    1. @breizhdave

      Sorry dude no 50keda

  2. dDsA11123

    Link to sunvisor please?

  3. Fake skin pack

  4. At the time of typing Monday 16 3 15 4.00GMT I checked this mod out, the contents are nothing like the pics. Instead they are of electronic circuit boards graphics.
    The pictures shown of what you think your getting are copied from elsewhere as this mod has nothing to do with those pictures.
    It’s a fake download!
    So if you want the skins/mods depicted in the pictures you’ll have to look elsewhere.

    1. ####! No wonder the uploader has a funny name. Why’d they do that?

  5. 猜猜我是谁,没想到ETS2.LT还能发中文:)

  6. The person with name 211293 translated into English says:

    Guess who I am, I did not expect ETS2.LT’ll send Chinese

    Well I’ve no idea. just hope the admin remove your IP from using this site.

    1. why

  7. Oh and by the way, the uploaders name translates to:

    Look teenager crazy q

  8. Photoshop pictures…..

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