The New unloading Zone Schumi 1.26

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Hi everyone,

Mod adds new unloading zone on firms:
Euroacres (Default)
Tree_et (Default)
Ika_bohag (Scandinavia and France)
Vitas_power (Scandinavia)

Supported versions of the game:
1.26.x + DLC Going East + DLC Scandinavia + DLC Vive la France

Respect the author and do not change the link to download!!!!

SCS, Schumi To help test your mod and searching for bugs CsewS


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15 thoughts on “The New unloading Zone Schumi 1.26

  1. Andre Santos

    Great.. Make more if possible…

    1. mod will be more developed and automatic gates

      1. Faelandaea

        Looking forward to the updates, but if you add automatic gates, PLEASE make them optional. I have been reviewing the auto gate mods and they are ridiculously ######. I really love this mod’s idea, but if gates become mandatory to use it I would have to pass.

  2. Can i use it without DLC FRANCE?

    1. I tested without France

  3. RoAdRuNnEr



  4. Work with promods?

    1. With maps mod will not work

      1. Can you make it work with Promods in the future?

        1. I do not know, you need to keep track of plans for SCS’s forum

        2. This mod was made for default and for dlc Scandinavia, France. Аdaptation to Promod-s and other – will not be.

  5. need more points for this parking mode

  6. Mr.GermanTruck

    Test Video on my Youtube Channel

  7. Add more firms and make this mod for Promod Map.

  8. hi there how does this mod work and do i need th french dlc or any other mods for this to work ?

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