This map adds new road from Pskov to Luga which was taken from HoR map dlc. Compatible with Promods. Only Beyond the Baltic sea dlc is required.

We made this map to give you a possibility to feel a spirit of Russia and take a look at newest delayed ets2 dlc “Heart of Russia” roads and cities. This mod adds a new road From Pskov to Luga, so you don’t have to drive around or drive to a dead ending road to take a look at areas, we took from HoR dlc for you to drive in!

Map might not work with Rusmap.

More updates coming in the future!

If using Promods, put map ABOVE promods in “mod manager”.

This is first official ToR (The other Russia) map mod version, which could have some bugs. We will try to fix all reported bugs as soon as possible .

Fell free to give feedback and report all bugs in our discord server right here:




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7 thoughts on “THE OTHER RUSSIA

  1. sie sollten euch für immer und ewig ausschliessen.

    1. Михаил

      Gott lass Hirn regnen…

      Nur weil ein Russe nicht in dein rosarotes Weltbild passt sind deshalb ALLE Russen für dich der Teufel?

      Genau solche wie du sind der Grund dass wir überhaupt Kriege haben.
      Alles nur schwarz/weiß sehen ohne Dinge zu hinterfragen und brav alles glauben was die Medien dir erzählen. Du kannst einem nur leidtun.

      1. GermanETS2Driver

        Naja es ist wie damals mit Hi*ler. Nur dachten die leute es wird ihn nie wieder geben. Falsch da ist er wieder und es stehen viele hinter ihm so ähnlich nur mit anderer anzahl standen in Deutschland auch hinter ihm damals. Fakt ist jeder Mensch ist anders und er muss gestoppt werden wie damals, als er weg war hat sich alles wieder sortiert und das ist jetzt auch so. Starturen muss ich von ihm nicht haben aber die Russische Landschaft kann nichts für diesen Mann.

    2. You’re just an unfinished fascist

    3. cocicka_2284

      For what reason? Boyfriend/girlfriend or who are you, I do not know, but why shouldn’t this DLC appear? Russia is also part of Europe up to the Ural Mountains. Remember the history, if you were taught, but the first Russian Emperor Peter the Great opened a window to Europe and Russia began to be considered as a European country. In addition, this country, as well as some other countries, saved the world from Hitler’s power – Nazism. You wouldn’t be here now if it wasn’t for that USSR flag on one of the main buildings in Berlin.
      What is happening in the world now should not affect the games in any way, but it is many developers who turned out to be the last creatures who do not have their own individuality, they begin to close their own projects for the CIS countries, but not for Ukraine.
      Ukraine, in turn, says that there is no Nazism in their camp, but the regiment that has Nazi symbols everywhere, I don’t think it’s not Nazism in their country. Plus, they hated Russians since the Soviet era, so many joined the German army.
      You are a person with such a worldview, so small that you will not see beyond your monitor, there will be German or even American media that talk about the “war” that they themselves started. Putin began denazification in Ukraine and the protection of Donbass, because these are native Russian territories and they have been asking for help for many years. And now Ukraine receives billions of dollars and euros, weapons for Ukraine’s victory over what?
      OK, we figured it out, you are the people of Nazism, not all, but still. I advise you to read the history of Russia, I am even ready to send you books, there you will need about 7-9 years to study in order to get basic knowledge.

  2. Will there be more roads in the future?

  3. его не выпустят из за того что мы всё равно не сможем его купить

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