Thor Tenden Bussbygg skin

Skin for Scania Rjl v2.2.1 works only on topline cab,
This time the skin doesn’t reqest any work for make it work, just put into the mod folder above the BKC mod and play!
Put the BKC tandem addon and the Bussbygg trailer under the skin,
Lightbox works if you use the Powerkasi Rs addon 1.1.4,
Respect my work, if share keep the original link,
Follow my page for more awesome skins:




17 thoughts on “Thor Tenden Bussbygg skin

  1. I found where they are selling the truck if anybody is interested, I refuse to pay this much for a model though.

    1. Ridiculous. But this skin would not work with that mod..I don’t think. Looks like a different truck.

      1. TruckerZer0

        Anyone who pays more than 50 € for a modification for one for an addon modification for a free truck has to be a blithering #####, it’s a mod for a FREE truck…

    2. DavyBerto

      The mod is this buddy, and it is totally free:

    3. TruckerZer0

      Anyone who pays more than 50€ for that trailer has to be a blithering #####, an addon modification for a FREE truck…

  2. Link for the rjl addon pls

  3. Where can I find a version of BKC’s tandem which works with the latest version of ETS2. The one I found in this site crashes the game. Thx.

      1. Thank you but I believe that is a different mod which does not even work with the Scania RJL.

        1. It’s on his Facebook page! You Gotta scroll down a bit and then you’ll see it

        2. Yes, you can use it with the Scania RJL, I did it also the Time, until the Update from Capital is coming.

    1. Very nice see the o toole skin post for the mod

    2. DavyBerto

      The addon for the Truck and trailer can be found only here:

  4. TeddyBear

    To everyone who wants to use the truck and trailer on 1.28.
    Simple soluation. If you are member on facebook.
    Visit BadKarma Customs.
    Working dolly and everything adapted for 1.28.

    Public download.
    Doesnt cost you anything.

    And dont buy stuff from Akirix.
    Thats just Syncron selling public and privat models for his own profit.

    1. Thank you

    2. Anders Sejer

      Wooord M8 🙂 (Y)

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