TNT Mercedes Benz Actros MPIV + Interior


TNT Mercedes Benz Actros MPIV Truck with Interior
Tested 1.3.1 version

Authors: DANZ, Ch_Vitalik, basti73, sky76


25 Responses to TNT Mercedes Benz Actros MPIV + Interior

  1. roadrunner says:

    has it got a RIGHT HAND DRIVE (RHD) interior to?
    or is it just a LHD again like other mods? as people here in the UK like using these grate mods but only if they are RHD as we dont use LHD in the UK

    • olstad says:

      probly not, but had i been from the UK and playing ets2 driving out from the UK in the game i had perferb LHD, since better to use in europe. i know eddi stobart has it on some of his trucks. and when i playd the UK version of the game(ets1/gts mix)i did’nt want to use anything else and took a while after staring to play ets2 i got used to LHD again

  2. Melore says:

    Very nice mod,but gear box is invisibal to me.

    Tanks DANZ, Ch_Vitalik, basti73, sky76!!!

  3. ViewlessMatt says:

    finally someone make real interior for MPIV … great job dude 😀

  4. torben says:

    game crashes when i try to use it for fast tours and if a try to buy it

    • trucker says:

      it works fine 🙂 I’m driving it and i can buy it and use in fast tour mode 🙂

  5. huawei says:

    It’s not working. Bad archive file. I do not know how you managed to use it but I got crashing all the time

  6. Grounddog says:

    You shouldn’t lock the thing and give us a bright yellow interior. Jesus… It looks horrible.

  7. Matze_D says:

    fantastic truck!
    fantastic interior!
    ‘m excited, although I’m not a fan of Actros!
    Respect for this work!

    Greetings Matze_D

  8. aleksey says:

    Твой мод не работает на версии 1.2.5

  9. junior grant says:

    hi i love this mod and the wheels u get with it is there any chance u could make the same wheels but with a volvo logo on it much appreciated

  10. Gurinder says:

    Can someone tell me where this truck is?

    • Bob says:


      • nexus says:

        so, I think it’s on a Majestic (Mercedes Benz) large dealer.. but i did not found yet.. maybe if u found it, can u tell me where it is? I really wanna drive this Truck =)

  11. Paijo says:

    RHD please … thx

  12. Stary says:

    Password pleeeeeeeeeeeeease i realy want to skin it for my private company pleaaaaase 🙂

    пожа́луйста !! 🙂

  13. Bob says:

    How do you get to drive it is there a Mercedes dealer somewhere. Help!!

  14. MIhael says:

    Please give to me password,i von edit skin :I

  15. Ghastous says:

    Nice Truck but 1 major failure it as no reverse beeper and oh no Gearbox number on the dasboard apart from that good truck

  16. Ghastous says:

    make this mod so we can drive on the right side as left side is terrible for me as im in the UK so we drive on the correct side 😀

  17. Dave says:

    very nice truck

    v 1.4.8 ???

  18. Robert says:

    Which dealer do I buy it from?

  19. Marcel says:

    I like this truck but why a yellow interior and you can’t change it

  20. blaza says:

    doesn´t work

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