TokyoBayshore 1.35

1/3 scale Tokyo-Yokohama Map mod.
-ETS2 v1.33x compatible
-DLC Scandinavia & France required

-1.35x compatible
-pmg files updated
-additional navigation board



7 thoughts on “TokyoBayshore 1.35

  1. Xiao Qunlong

    Is it compatible with the 1.36 BETA version?

    1. It is not. I do not do beta releases, friend.

      1. lol How am I answered them getting sleep?
        btw 1.36 beta is officially not compatible.
        but If you can open each manifest.sii,then overwrite

        compatible_versions[]: “1.35.*”
        to compatible_versions[]: “1.36.*”

        done.Its works.

        Map connection not supported and not planned.
        due to Map scale problems.

  2. Matti Owen


    1. No.

  3. What is the load order? I loaded all the scs files but I can’t change the map the only option on a new profile I have is Europe.

  4. lordmodets2

    please, what trailer is this picture?

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