Toyota Corolla 2020 V1R40 (1.38)

Fixed sound on 1.38, removed reverse sound, fixed horn



10 thoughts on “Toyota Corolla 2020 V1R40 (1.38)

  1. JGaming HD

    Hd video 1.38…

  2. Please, can you make… Fiat Ducato, with the black calander for 1.38 and if is possible a camper to drive… on Fiat ducato for example the camper van in FS17, or another camper in the real life… for example: Etrusco, Laika, Burstner,… thank you so much!!!

    1. You can see that trzpro responded to you already here
      You can stop asking now 😉

      1. ah okay, thank you!! Of course 😉

  3. Hi,
    I see some bugs there that I reported to you in an email, which you have not responded (misplaced brake flare & hidden speed limit on dashboard). And also Turkish licence plate is there. Hope you will fix these soon

  4. Can you please make BMW X5 E70?

  5. Zaffir Ahmed


  6. Fazle Rabbi

    please please make right hand drive for this car… i love this car

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