Traffic Jam v 4.0a / Stau Mod

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Traffic Jam / Stau Mod v4.0a *Beta Version*
New Update for ETS2 v1.33 my old Traffic Jam now Upgrade for ETS2.
You have a lot of Traffic Jam on your Street. Look the Video about more Information.
When you have not traffic Jam, then edit the config.sii file on your ETS2 Folder and edit the “traffic from 1 to 9” (open with the Editor)

Changelog v4.0a
– Fix Freight market
– Fix Properties Traffic Police works again

Respect my Work and not reupload !
Thanks Mr.GermanTruck

MrGermanTruck, Bugfixing: DaStrobel


9 thoughts on “Traffic Jam v 4.0a / Stau Mod

  1. Justin Morbach


    1. you do not need the password ….. drag the ZIP file into the mod folder! you do not have to do anything else … bye

  2. christian dippmann


    1. ######?

  3. leonpeonleon

    It does not make any difference even though i start a new game…

  4. I agree with leonpeonleon. Nothing changed. In fact I can only notice some cars and trucks in a group, then empty road, then again a little group and then empty. This repeats. 🙁

    1. Go to Documents and the Euro truck Simulator 2 Folder. Than the Folder config and search the Point. uset g_traffic. make this number to 9.0. Now it works.

  5. We do indeed need a password to edit the .sii file to create more traffic as said above…. so

  6. sorin oswell

    hi, what is the password for this mod?

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