Trailer Chereau Standalone “P & C Hamilton”


Tested in version 1.10.x
Compatible with all packs trailers

Trailer: Nabil
Converting standalone by Matdom1988
skin Fred_be


8 thoughts on “Trailer Chereau Standalone “P & C Hamilton”

  1. My mate drives for this company in a Scania T registration for UK N1 pch

  2. +1

  3. est très bon. J’aime ton travail

  4. Merci Thank you Petronny

  5. Bel sensemble Fred!

  6. Yes but this one is Standalone and the skin change

  7. Andy Atkinson

    Thank you very much for this Fred_be, Hamiltons do the occasional work for the company I work for (Nestle), they seem a good bunch!

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