Trailer Old Chereau V1.26


Tested version 1.26.Xs
– Standalone
– AI Traffic
– Advance coupling
– Compatible with all pack trailer and all DLC

* Respect the download link *

Authors: Molotov, MDModding, Fred_be


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21 thoughts on “Trailer Old Chereau V1.26

  1. SmellyCat

    The same errors on all the packs.

  2. SmellyCat

    FIXED. About 30 seconds to make it functionally.

    1. But do not you first have to explain the error?
      and without offending the Modders?

  3. Please make chereau v6 56 skin compatible with 1.26

  4. @Smellycat: where do you see an error ??? I never see any mods from you, maybe you do not know? But criticize you know how to do. For me you serve nothing.

    @Frank: I’ll watch what I can do.

    1. will be great thanks 😉

    2. SmellyCat

      1st: Delete trailer_type.sii files.
      2nd: You must rectify the traffic:sii file.

      I make a lot of mods. Much more than you.

    3. I have been off the for a while are there any news for the pack request i have been asking for Fred_be 😉

  5. I type Smellycat on google and I see no mod coming from you. You must be a fool 🙂 or in your dreams you make mods.
    I no longer have to explain myself with a man who criticizes but who does nothing.

    1. SmellyCat

      I’m not in google xD!!!
      But this is not important…

  6. You’re nowhere that’s what I said “you do not serve anything” unless you criticize.
    I no longer answer your messages that look like nothing. I’m waiting to see your mods.

  7. Gameplayhd2015

    You guys should be thankfull to the modders for creating these amazing mods and sharing them for free with us!
    I think the work is not easy,i have no ideea how to edit some mod,i think creating one is very hard!
    When problems appear,just say them to the creator and wait for fix,if you guys are smarter,just repair them yourselves!
    Thanks Fred_be for the amazing trailer you make for us,i use your mdos very offen and they are great!

  8. Thank’s Gameplayhd2015

  9. 100% agree whit Gameplayhd2015! all we(who dont know how to do mods)must be really thankful all the modders,that they make and share their mods whit us:) i really appreciate them.I personaly dont know how to make mods,i imagine that is pretty hard work… Big respect them!

  10. SmellyCat

    I agree with everyone, but this gentleman Fred_Be has already been told in that their mods contain errors, and that these errors cause a limitation in the game of the type of trailers that can contain, and these errors also cause the Traffic trailers are altered. His answer has been to take 2 more mods with the same faults, without trying to learn to fix them. That is why I tell you, just as they told you there. It’s not all about making mods, it’s not all that trailers appear in the trailer browser, but these serve for what is indicated in the definition files, that appear in traffic and do not alter the rest of the game. Nobody has been offended here or anyone’s work has been scorned. It is a simple wake up call to fix what you already have but it is wrong before you continue to do the same and that these new ones are also bad. It’s a flip-flop to Mr. Fred_Be for not listening to users.

    I really apreciate all modders work, and I know how is this.


    Excuse my English, google translate talk for me xD.

  11. SmellyCat

    I explain the fix and all people can make this easily:

    Delete the file “traffic_trailer_type.old_chereau.sii” from “def/vehicle” folder”. The type are semitrailer, don’t need a new trailer type. This file limit the trailer types you can play in the game. Happens when you use some trailers pack together.

    Error: 00:00:05.589 : [traffic] Maximum supported trailer type number is 20. Ignoring X trailer types.

    The file “old_chereau_traffic.sii” from “def/vehicle/trailer” folder must be modified:
    You can see a lot of lines that contain ” .traffic.trailer.old_chereau”. The first point (.) surplus. If you put this point here make errors on traffic trailers. You can change all lines easily using the “reemplace” tool from windows menu “Edit/reemplace”. Instructions: search for ” .traffic.trailer.old_chereau”. Reemplaze for ” traffic.trailer.old_chereau” (without the point (.).

    Error: Crash on freight market and/or: Error 00:00:05.414 : [traffic_trailer_type] Unable to load trailer storage from ‘/def/vehicle/traffic_storage_semi_trailer.###.sii’!

    I hope anyone can make the changes. 🙂

    1. I see you’re an intelligent person??
      It was enough to explain it right away and you would not be created this confusion.?
      However Fred_be is popular is not the first mod that created
      if there is a problem Fred_be always tries to resolve them.
      Also i use google translator

  12. sotobabik

    i like this trailer, but can you fix or change this parts, i think it’s like a mirror so shinning
    1. ttp://


  13. sotobabik

    i like this trailer, but can you fix or change this parts, i think it’s like a mirror so shinning :



  14. RHT Austria... Scaniadriver


  15. Finally a suitable explanation.
    I would make the changes.

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