Trailer Ownership: Create your own skin V4

You can use this kit to create your own skin for your own trailer that you can drive with.

V1: Release
V2: Skin shows up in game
V3: Sideskirts etc can be painted
V4: 1) Easier to skin. Only 2 templates. 2) Fixed skin on Curtainsider doubles

Supported game versions:

If you find any buggs please report them in the comments and if you need any help feel free to join my discord server:


Please DO NOT re-upload this file to another site. If you do please contact me first for permission.



6 thoughts on “Trailer Ownership: Create your own skin V4

  1. retoucher

    This V4 mod is familiar to me!
    It’s just like mine!
    It’s not a nice thing!
    Where am I in the credit list?

    Original mod:

    1. NLLittleTear

      Hi there!
      I understand that you think I copied it from you but it’s easy to make it yourself without copying from your mod. You just put the name of the templates on the template, compress it to a zip/scs file, look in the game which trailer box has which name and then edit the def file. I hope you understand this.

      1. hoi zou je misschien kunnen uitleggen hoe dat juist werkt?
        alvast bedankt!

        1. NLLittleTear

          Hoi! Ik raad je aan om even mijn discord server te joinen: Mfdz7yg

  2. Hello man, good fine mod and use it. But one thing. The mudflap you put in it , i can’t get it right.
    When i make my own tekst in it with and save it as dds, in-game i see the left side of the flap o.k. But the right half is in mirror tekst. If you know what i mean? what do i wrong or what is wrong with the flap. Can’t find it in the SII files.

  3. the mudflap is in de rechterhelft in spiegelbeeld. Wat doe ik fout?

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