Trailer Pack by Omenman v 15.0

Big pack trailers with skins from Omenman.
The package 70 cargo and 300 skins on 7 trailers (Fuel, Coolliner, Fridge, Profiliner, Container, Schmitz Universal and Rommi Schmitz).
United 10 mods and 1 trailer:

– Trailer Pack Cars 2.0 (50 trailers)
– Trailer Pack Clothing 2.0 (19 trailers)
– Trailer Pack Drinks 2.0 (26 trailers)
– Trailer Pack Electronics 3.0 (50 trailers)
– Trailer Pack Foods 2.0 (12 trailers)
– Trailer Pack Fuel 2.0 (12 trailers)
– Trailer Pack Games 1.0 (5 trailers)
– Trailer Pack Geographic 2.0 (63 trailers)
– Trailer Pack Logistic 4.0 (32 trailers)
– Trailer Pack Stars 4.0 (30 trailers)
– And trailers “Omenman”

Changes in version:
– All skins of trailers are identical with skins of the same name mod for ATS.

All trailers are autonomous and included in the traffic.

For version 1.30

Authors: SCS, Omenman

When placing the mod on other sites, save the author’s link!
Using skins for other mods is forbidden!

SCS, Omenman


4 Responses to Trailer Pack by Omenman v 15.0

  1. TRUCKER says:

    Not bad BUT —–
    Why in the archive the screenshots of all cargoes at 580MB ?!
    The whole archive 760MB when the pack itself is 180MB in total ?!!

    • Omenman says:

      You have something to waste! Package 552 MB

      • TRUCKER says:

        Question AGAIN –
        Why you place in archive 574 Mbytes tripartite screenshots each of the trailer ?!
        When mod itself have only 180Mbytes ?!
        What’s the idea?

        • TRUCKER says:

          Trailer Pack by Omenman v 15.0
          mod package itself for:
          – ETS2 – 540MB
          – ATS – 180MB
          BUT additional screenshots 540MB to both archives!
          Why? Thanks.

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