Trailer Pack by Omenman v 2.23.0

In the package 450 skins and 90 cargoes in all 164 companies,
located on the default map and all official DLC.
The mod adds 10 types of trailers to the game:
– from ETS-2: Coolliner, Fridge, Profiliner, Container, Cement, Food Cistern and Schmitz Universal;
– from ATS: Acid and Gas;
– trailer from Rommi: TZ Schmitz S.KO Express.

All trailers and skins are included in the traffic.

The package is adapted to patch 1.33.

Version changes:
1. Fuel trailer replaced by 2 trailers from ATS: Acid and Gas.
2. Added 17 skins for Acid and Gas trailers.
3. Added 6 cargoes.

For the Russian version, you will need to download and connect the “Russificator of cargoes” ver.04,
setting it above the mod itself in the Mod Manager

Author skins and build: Omenman
Trailer authors: SCS, Rommi
Many thanks to vovangt4 for helping with registration and adaptation of trailers!


SCS, Omenman


7 thoughts on “Trailer Pack by Omenman v 2.23.0

  1. Czy te cysterny mozna tez zrobic na 3 osie nie na 2

  2. TruckerOne

    Old version of trailer without cables?

  3. TruckerOne

    Surely you see many of the trailers of these Omenman mods in traffic, leaving all others in the minority when you activate them and that is because THE TRAFFIC SYSTEM IS BAD MADE.

  4. joker9042

    please make a OKKO (Ukrainen gas station) skin

  5. hi, I’m having many issues about ‘[traffic_vehicle] Can’t find cable locator’

    plz, check.

    game.log.txt –


  6. I hope the cable support is forthcoming because I’m not happy about no cable support — but I can live with it because these trailers are not an eyesore like so many of the low-res low-poly jobs that are out there, but rather these cables are eye candy.

    I don’t know about the traffic issues; I’m seeing all kinds of various trailers out there, including ####-ugly jet turbines from another highly acclaimed mod.

    1. Zeke54545

      These “trailers” are eye candy, not these “cables.” No edit button.

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