TRAILER PACK with Realistic Textures v.1.6.1


This mod is available in two versions:
Basic which adds only new liveries for trailers and Extended which also introduces more changes to game including changes of rules in the game of economics.

1. Provides new liveries for:
* Krone Coolliner (27 liveries),
* Krone Profiliner (27 liveries),
* Schmitz S.PR Universal (18 liveries),
* fuel tankers (11 liveries),
* cisterns for chemical products (4 liveries)
– all of them will be available in Euro Truck Simulator II !. Other types of trailers remain unchanged. Full list of liveries available in this package, can be seen below,
2. Adds a minor changes in trafic, including, ia adding new cargoes visible on the road,

EXTENDED VERSION also contains:
3. Adds new lending in the bank,
4. Changing the rules in the game of economics, like: lowering revenue from shipments of various goods, so that they are more realistic,
5. Reducing the speed to acquire each level of experience,

Author: Vaarduar


7 thoughts on “TRAILER PACK with Realistic Textures v.1.6.1

  1. this mod crashed my game

  2. why not dds.

  3. For me it also crashed my game when I started it up. I looked at the game.txt in my documents and I saw the economy mod crashed it. I made the .scs a .zip, opened it with WinRAR, deleted economy.sii, repacked as a .scs and it worked fine. Not sure why it wouldn’t work.

  4. Do you have installed official patch 1.3 for ETS ?
    This mod version works fine only when this patch is installed although I have not tested this mod in version 1.6.1 of the official patch 1.2.5

    The second reason that this mod may not work properly is the presence of a different mod which introduces the conflict.

  5. steve silent

    please change title to add that it changes your game… i would prefer a version with just the trailers.. no economics etc..

  6. For this reason, the package is available in two versions. If someone wants download a version with
    trailers only then BASIC VERSION will be a good choice,
    If someone wants something more zhen can download EXTENDED VERSION.

    Everything is described on the website where this mod is available for download. Just read what is written there.

    A lot of people complain about it but no one wants to read what is written on the website where mod is published.

  7. Thanks

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