Trailer pack with Realistic Textures


Painters: Vaarduar, Pereira, Millsyb, Aspectxx, Mkkl
Mod version: 1.8.0
Required version of ETS2: 1.3.0, 1.3.1, 1.4.1 (but choose proper version from download page)





1. This mod not only replace a texture of selected trailers, but also
expands the number of liveries available on them. Once installed, we
get new unique liveries for trailers:
Krone Coolliner (42 liveries),
Krone Profiliner (57 liveries),
Schmitz S.PR Universal (18 liveries),
fuel tankers (11 liveries),
cisterns for food products (7 liveries)
cisterns for chemical products (4 liveries)
silo-trailers on bulk materials (6 liveries)
glass transporter (6 liveries)
trailer with container 20ft (12 liveries)
trailer with twin container 20ft (6 liveries)
trailer with container 40ft (6 liveries)
– all of them will be available in Euro Truck Simulator II !.
2. Adds a changes in trafic, including, in adding new cargoes visible
on the road,


This mod uses the models of trailers remapped by:
+ Bora:
Krone Profiliner, Krone Coolliner, Schmitz S.PR Universal
Mega trailer pack for –

+ TZ Express:
Glass Transporter
+ Vaarduar:
Container 20ft, Twin Container 20ft, Container 40ft

Author: Vaarduar


33 thoughts on “Trailer pack with Realistic Textures

  1. Gorkal1ty

    Have always been the best texture packs Ive ever seen, finally the containers look awesome too. Thanks!

  2. Why the hell is this file big 977MB when unpacked?

    1. Quick explanation : 175 textures * 5,33 MB = 932,75 MB + other files 😉

  3. Nice job Vaarduar!

  4. sarah1224


    without the author’s permission … I don’t see my name there but you still uploaded almost half of my skins in this pack without my permission!!!!!!!!!!!
    I done more than 1300 akins for EuroTruck 1 … under my name ”BlackPanther” . I’m sure that many off you guys still remember me from TruckSim forum where I’ve posted my skins.
    Dear Vaarduar, I would appreciate if you would put my name in the decription or you should delete my skins from your pack.
    How I know that those skins are mine? Because you did a lil mistake on them. Just don’t say it isn’t true because I can show you every one of my skin!!!

    Sarah M.

    1. You must be joking .. 85-90% of all skins are made ​​entirely by me drawing on available photographs – and no mods. The rest is the work of other persons entered. Select at least one skin in which it is supposed to do your job .. I’m waiting …

    2. Dear Sarah,

      To be sure of it, please compare the DDS-files with yours.
      If there should be evidence of it being the same, then it’s more than logical to recieve credits for it.

      I think Vaarduar (& crew) would like to help on this issue, thus resulting in finding a resonable solution of resolving this conflict.

  5. Somehow the trailer pack (extended version) is causing a bug, at least on my system.
    When i want to haul a cargo, the amount of money that i can earn is way too low.
    Let’s say a trip Duisburg – Amsterdam: the amount of money that you could earn was 695, but that should have been 6950 for example.
    Also i had a leveling-up screen when i finished a cargo, but i couldn’t select anything because i didn’t have any skillpoints to spend.

    To be sure it wasn’t the game, i disabled the mod and everything was back to normal and worked as it should be.

    I was using version 1.4.1 btw!

  6. I would like to add the same complaint as above. When this mod is installed, profits are ridiculously low. When viewing all available jobs, my most profitable one was only 15k, and that was from Aberdeen to Italy!

    Please fix soon, your trailers are the best.

  7. There are 2 version of the same mod, 1st one has normal income, 2nd one has modified income to be more realistic. I had to to use Google translate to see which one is correct.

    1. On download website there are description also in english .. just change the language

  8. sarah1224

    Are you kidding me Vaarduar??????? Just on this pic abowe you have at least 7 to 8 my skins!!!!! Just don’t be such an ### hole and admit it!!!! You didn’t make those skins you just copied them and put them on the trailers from ETS 2 … nothing else!!!!!!
    Shame on you!!!!! Is it so hard to admit that you used my skins from ETS1? Is it? Should I put pictures of my skins here? You want that? Don’t be ###### man, because you did mistake for which I know. Will not tell you what mistake you did but when I will upload my skins everyone will noticed that you are thief? You want that? I give you one more chance to add me in description aboit who maked those skins. After that I will upload my pictures of my skins and every one can decide which skins are!!!
    I was very respectfull member at TruckSim so I now that many many guys knows my skin work. I was named as official SCS skiner at TruckSim forum so don’t play with me!!!! Just don’t!!!!!

    Sarah M.

    1. Please continue this in private, like e-mail for example!
      As my previous post already stated, compare the dds-files!
      Don’t curse or start a war on someone else’s site, everyone can read it!!

      I’m a skinner myself btw.

  9. I still did not get a clear answer on my question: show me your skin in this pack… I’m still waiting..
    Maybe skins for containers are your work? Maybe even tell me that you did remap of these models? That would be really good.. By the way, I feel sorry for you, and it seems that we have nothing to discuss ..

    Another thing is that when I read such nonsense, I want to becoming increasingly stop further develop of this mod .. and so I wasted a lot of time on it..

  10. szetland1971

    00:12:45.696 : Model in old format detected ‘/vehicle/trailer_eu/schmitz/universal/universal_lod_01.pmg’, please upgrade format to improve load performance!
    00:12:45.721 : Model in old format detected ‘/vehicle/trailer_eu/schmitz/universal/universal_lod_02.pmg’, please upgrade format to improve load performance!
    00:12:45.726 : Model in old format detected ‘/vehicle/trailer_eu/schmitz/universal/universal_lod_03.pmg’, please upgrade format to improve load performance!
    00:14:33.753 : Nothing to activate
    00:15:50.983 : Model in old format detected ‘/vehicle/trailer_eu/food_cistern/trailer.pmg’, please upgrade format to improve load performance!
    00:15:51.096 : Model in old format detected ‘/vehicle/trailer_eu/food_cistern/lod_01.pmg’, please upgrade format to improve load performance!
    00:15:51.115 : Model in old format detected ‘/vehicle/trailer_eu/food_cistern/lod_02.pmg’, please upgrade format to improve load performance!
    00:15:51.628 : Model in old format detected ‘/vehicle/trailer_eu/krone/profi_liner_b/profiliner_lod_01.pmg’, please upgrade format to improve load performance!
    00:15:51.633 : Model in old format detected ‘/vehicle/trailer_eu/krone/profi_liner_b/profiliner_lod_02.pmg’, please upgrade format to improve load performance!
    00:15:51.720 : Model in old format detected ‘/vehicle/trailer_eu/krone/profi_liner_b/profiliner_lod_03.pmg’, please upgrade format to improve load performance!
    00:16:40.839 : Model in old format detected ‘/vehicle/trailer_eu/krone/cool_liner_d/cool_liner_lod_01.pmg’, please upgrade format to improve load performance!
    00:16:40.902 : Model in old format detected ‘/vehicle/trailer_eu/krone/cool_liner_d/cool_liner_lod_02.pmg’, please upgrade format to improve load performance!
    00:16:40.974 : Model in old format detected ‘/vehicle/trailer_eu/krone/cool_liner_d/cool_liner_lod_03.pmg’, please upgrade format to improve load performance!
    ……. etc
    and much more
    What’s the matter

    1. what version game you have and do you use TSM 3.0 map (what is not supported or SCS team)

  11. szetland1971


  12. szetland1971

    just a game 1.4.1 and mod trailers-pack-se-1.8.0-1.4.1
    other fashion does not affect it

    1. szetland1971

      that would not be all good looks and functions.
      only a warning

  13. In latest patch 1.4.1 SCS Software has made changes in all available models.
    Because currently there is no available tools to remap those new models (and for some time will not be) I decided to publish a new version of this mod with models originating from the game’s version 1.3.1. This is the source of these warnings.

  14. szetland1971

    I thought so.
    all of this and used the log was clean.
    generally well done.
    I greet

  15. vis du kan tale dansk?? må jeg ikke får en kopi af dem du har lavet??

  16. I’m getting from the 1.3.1 extended one lots of ” Per shape substances are currently unsupported”. Those were gone when reverting back to v 1.7.9

  17. sarah1224

    LOL OK I was not at home few days but I will post pics of my skins, just as you wished. I have stoped skinned just because people like you. There was no good skin of Stobarts for example until I didn’6t posted my skin and after that there was sudenly a lot of Stobart skins, there was no good logo of Stobart so I made mine from the scratch, letter by letter and just the same was with many other skins, it is easy to steal skin and just remaped it but that’s not making you a skinner because you DINDN’T make those skins!!!!!!!!!!!! All you did is just remaped them for ETS2 from ETS1. I got you enough thief, I will post a pictures today about my skins and people will see that you just using other peoples work. OH BTW I see that you not stealed only my skins but from some other people too. Where did you said that you get those container skins?? Should I named the real skinner who made them? Don’t push me over the egde!!!!

    1. Let’s push you over the edge since I want to see how many exclamation marks, typos, and capital letters you’ll use in your next rant. I can understand giving and getting credit where credit is due, however whining that you don’t do skins anymore because of plagiarism does not solve the issue. Show us an old posting of your work, side-by-side with what you claim to be the offending textures in this package. Prove to us that you’re not just whining, then we’ll do lunch.

    2. Pretty please .. just so happens that this skin for Eddie Stobart I did twice.
      First time for original models from SCS (published in version 1.4.1 of my mod), and the second time for the model remaped by Bora.
      Here are the psd files of both:

      Both .psd files contains images that I used to do this Skin.
      So stop calling me a thief. Every skin you indicate I am able to prove in this way, but I will not do it anymore. Our discussion is ended in this moment.

      You can continue to live in the world of your paranoid beliefs that all skins made by others people are stolen or copied from you. I’m really a pity you because life In such world probably it is not easy.

      I know one thing, You trying to appropriate the my hard work but do not have any rights to this.
      You trying to appropriate the my hard work for yourself but do not have any rights to this.

      1. Michael Fase

        excactly, jusdt because he made a skin for a company in ANOTHER game desn’t mean that a second one is stolen, I could make an eddy stobart skin but that doesn’t mean it’s the same one. modding should be about sharing them to the public and the enjoyment of the people that are using the mods, not about the locking mods and calling people stealers if it looks the same. you guys are destroying the modding community with the constant whining and calling each other stealers.

  18. When will this be done to work on latest patch or will it work on the latest patch?

    1. Do you mean patch 1.4.8 ? This mod surely works with game’s version 1.4.1 and 1.4.8 (these I checked) but it should also work without any problems on versions between these two versions.

  19. Crazykenny

    Some trailers are missing wheels. Running the latest patch through steam.

  20. Very clever!!! Put it on fking poland site, everyone will know where is the download button, ######! This is ETS2.LT, not a ETS2.PL, YOU LIVE IN EUROPE! Poland language really isnt the main for EU.




  22. ets 2 gamer

    how to download it i cant find the download button

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